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Support for Peaceful Protest Action

Posted by te2ataria on February 20, 2011

Rugby World Cup


The Maori and European Moderators  of this Blog Declare Their Full Support for Peaceful Protest Action During the Rugby World Cup 2011.

Notable Quotes:

“We are going to use the international media to expose what is going on in this country,” Maori Council executive member Titewhai Harawira said.

“I think it is a grand opportunity for us to expose things. I am worried about my status as a Maori mother and grandmother, and about the future for my grandchildren and the children coming after them.

“I am worried about the nation New Zealand should be proud of too, and that we are a first-nation people who have been willing to share and be patient, but I’m afraid some of us are running out of patience.” Maori Council executive member Ngaire Te Hira said.

“Where else can they make a stand? There is no other way, is there? I guess those who want to make a stand, that is the only place to do it, because the government is just not listening.” Te Whanau-a-Apanui kuia Lillian Howe said.

[Assumption has been made that the whole tournament WON’T be cancelled due to earthquakes. K]

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