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Japanese cyclist paralysed in crash

Posted by te2ataria on March 25, 2011

Japanese Tourist Who Survived the Christchurch Earthquake Left Paralysed After Being Hit by Car

A Japanese tourist who survived the Christchurch earthquake by has been left paralysed from his upper chest down after being knocked off his bike by a careless driver.

The driver, who claims he was distracted by an insect, drove into the back of the bicycle knocking the Japanese man off his bike on March 10.

“The cyclist slid across the bonnet of the vehicle, struck the windscreen, catapulted over the top of it and landed on the road. As a result he suffered serious spinal injuries, had limited use of his arms, and could not breathe without assistance,” according to a report.

District Court Judge Philip Moran (Christchurch District Court sitting at the Rangiora Court House) sympathized with the “traumatized” driver and said he was not speeding, and that “the carelessness was not high”, but the consequences were horrendous. “He said the sentencing for this offence was a difficult exercise but he felt Howard’s response was heartfelt and appropriate.”

Instead of a custodial sentence, he ordered the driver to pay  a $10,000 “emotional harm reparation payment” and disqualified him from driving for six months.

The report did not say how old the victim was.

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