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New Zealand Butt-Line News

Posted by te2ataria on June 13, 2011

Strong Earthquakes Hit Christchurch Again

The government won’t relocate Chch citizens, until everyone is buried!

Two strong and damaging quakes measuring magnitude 6.0 and 5.5  shook Christchurch today, but our PM says it didn’t shake his resolve to rebuild the city.

“We stand beside them, we are committed to rebuilding the city,” Key said.

I tell you what Mr Key, put all of your ill-gotten money where your mouth is: Go live in Christchurch for a few months, and  Take your family with you, too. Who knows you may even be doing your son some good by taking him away from the alcohol and drug culture at King’s College.

Anti-Asian racism in Nelson

Four Thai students aged 15 to 17 were severely beaten and left bruised and bloodied.

“A Thai woman is speaking out about an assault on four Thai teenagers in the hope it will help find the attackers and draw attention to racism in Nelson,” according to a report.

She said on May 29, the night of the assault, the smallest boy in the group went out and yelled at a man who had urinated in the doorway to come back and clean it up.

He only saw one man otherwise he wouldn’t have confronted him.

That man started punching the teenager and when the other teenage boys ran out to help him, someone yelled “F … ing Asians,” and then a group of men arrived “from nowhere”.

The group of men, who were thought to be rugby players in their 20s to 30s, started attacking the teenagers, and three of them made it back into the spa.

One of the boys was unable to get back in, and he was beaten, kicked and stamped on by the men while on the ground outside the spa. […]

She said the fight started because of drunken behaviour from the men, but turned into a racial incident when the man called out “F… ing Asians”. […]

She was also confused why the police officer had not interviewed some of the men at the incident whom the boys had identified as being part of the fight.

King’s College: Quintessence of Sick Pakeha Culture

Fourth King’s College student dies from drug/alcohol abuse.

“David, the son of prominent business commentator and company director Brian Gaynor, was found near Auckland’s southern motorway at 10.30pm on Saturday,” according to a report.

The head of the King’s College board of governors Peter Ferguson has put the onus back on parents. He said: “We can’t be 24-hour babysitters”.

King’s College pupil David Gaynor was the fourth student to die in less than 17 months. “David Gaynor had been at the school’s annual ball at Eden Park with 708 others. He was collected by his father – an executive director of Milford Asset Management – about 9.30pm after college management called to say his son was intoxicated. He was  “sent to his room” but was later found near the motorway at Greenlane. Brian Gaynor declined to comment.”

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