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What Happend to Julian Stukenborg?

Posted by te2ataria on June 25, 2011

Was he yet another victim of NZ tourism?

Wanaka Police say they have no idea what happened to the German tramper who has been missing in Mt Aspiring National Park.

German tourist Julian Stukenborg, 23, said to be tramping alone on the Cascade Saddle, has not been heard from for 9 days and did not contact a friend on June 22 as he had arranged previously, according to a report.

Mr Stukenborg is described as 193cm tall, with an athletic build. “He had a large black and green Deutor back pack, a green Katmandu two person tent and is a keen photographer.”

Wanka Police has asked anyone with information to contact them.

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4 Responses to “What Happend to Julian Stukenborg?”

  1. scorpNZ said

    [You may not insult the dead. If what you are saying is true about his climbing gear, it should suggest foul play NOT “stupidity.” Moderator]

    • Brigette said

      In your opinion, how has Julian Stukenborg been insulted in the report? The word “stupidity” appears only in your comment.

      Here’s a list of the known climbers who were killed in Mount Aspiring National Park between 2007 and 2014:

      “Why are so many people dying in Mount Aspiring National Park?”
      “The latest presumed fatality is Wellington man Scott Oliver, known as Brock, who went missing on Sunday while tramping in the Jumboland area of the Wilkin Valley, near Makarora.”
      Deaths in and around Mount Aspiring National Park

      December 2014: Maureen (“Mo”) Anne Schofield, 68, Wanaka – Fern Burn Track, Motatapu Valley (tramping)

      August 2014: Ari Ross Kingan, 21, Golden Bay – Mt Aspiring (climbing)

      August 2014: Jerome Box, 52, Auckland – Mt Alta (helicopter)

      August 2013: Ken Copland, 63, Wanaka – Lake Wanaka (fishing)

      December 2012: Frank Spychalski, 38, Germany – Cascade Saddle (tramping)

      November 2012: Antonina Arillotta, 38, Italy – Wanaka Airport (skydiving)

      October 2012: Murray Austin Rivers, 65, Wanaka – Makarora River (jet boat)

      January 2012: Matthew John Laing, 23, Alexandra – Rob Roy Valley (hunting/tramping)

      January 2012: Dion Latta, 15, Palmerston – Motatapu Gorge (canyoning)

      January 2012: Michael Gillard Taylor, 60, Wellington – Mt Twilight (tramping)

      December 2011: Dougal Disston Standford Fyfe, 23, Maungawera – Maungawera (hunting)

      August 2011: Rene Weissange, 25, Germany – Lake Hawea (kayaking)

      June 2011: Julian Stukenborg, 23, Germany – Cascade Saddle (tramping)

      April 2011: Graham Alan Stott, 31, Wanaka, and Marcus Hoogvliet, 21, Frankton – Arawhata Saddle (helicopter)

      December 2010: Expatriate Singaporean Eng Wu Ong, 21, Australia – Mt Aspiring (climbing)

      December 2009: Expatriate Australian Karl Walter Quaass, 30, Dunedin – Wilmot Saddle (tramping)

      December 2008: Expatriate Russian Irina Yun, 36, Auckland – Dart River (tramping); remains found in November 2009

      December 2008: Blair Martyn, 21, Dunedin – Lake Hawea (swimming)

      December 2008: Dr Paul Wood, UK – Matukituki River (jetboating)

      November 2008: John Pawson, 48, Wanaka – Mt Aspiring (climbing)

      November 2008: Morgan Saxton, 31, Haast – Lake Wanaka (helicopter)

      July 2008: Leonard Alexander Phease (19), Dunedin – Liverpool Hut, Mt Aspiring (tramping/climbing)

      March 2008: Alan Leslie Beck, 49, Australia – Mt Aspiring (climbing)

      May 2007: Austin Michael Hanchey, 20, US – Mt Aspiring (climbing)

      April 2007: Derek Hawkins, 72, UK – unnamed remote stream, Siberia Valley (tramping); remains found December 2008

      March 2007: Keith Andrew MacKenzie, 25, Canada and Jonathan Stein, 61, US – Homestead Peak (helicopter)

      February 2007: Robert Collins, 59, UK – Makarora River (tramping)

      January 2007: Stephen Damien Colombo, 45, Australia – Matukituki River (hunting/tramping)

      February 2006: Anna Ryan, 17, Dunedin – Motatapu River (canyoning)

      January 2005: Dr Donal Deery, 25, Ireland – Cascade Saddle (tramping)

      January 2005: Marc David Freedman, 22, Australia – Mt Aspiring (climbing)

      January 2005: Niklas Werner, 28, Germany – Mt Aspiring (climbing)


      Deaths on “The Ramp”

      April 2004: Gavin Cederman, 49, Takaka, and Barrie Arthur, 31, Franz Josef. Climbing companion Christopher Moore, 30, of England, survived. The climbers were roped together.

      January 2005: German Niklas Werner, 28, a PhD student at Waikato University, fell 100m to his death while traversing The Ramp.

      January 2005: Marc David Freedman, 22, was recovered from a crevasse on the Bonar Glacier after he fell 50m climbing The Ramp with a friend.

  2. scorpNZ said

    [“star trek voyager” mentality is responsible for 80 percent of our problems. There’s no “beam me up” in the world we live in, and we have to account for our actions one way or another. Moderator.]

  3. Guest said

    RIP, Julian!

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