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What about you motha, prime minister

Posted by te2ataria on July 17, 2011

Irony of the week: Greens say Prime Minister’s motha was an asylum seeker

Green MP Keith Locke told the Prime Minister that his motha was an asylum seeker, and he should think before attacking refugees.

“Earlier this week John Key said boat people weren’t welcome on our shores after Sri Lankan Tamils were found in Indonesian waters, possibly trying to make their way here,” according to a report.

Locke was understandably angry with the PM, saying that the 1951 Refugee convention dictates that NZ should accept all asylum seekers.

The Gatekeepers

“This was odd because John Key’s own mother was an asylum seeker who fled from Nazi Germany to Britain in 1939,” he told Parliament. “For Jewish refugees like her there was no queue to join, they simply took their chances and fled.”

The Brown-nosing MP

Labour MP Trevor Mallard, who has stuck his head up the PM’s backside so deep he doesn’t know when it’s sunny outside, interrupted Keith Locke, saying that MPs don’t usually refer to family members of politicians in debates.

NZ Death Clocks

Then again, the chances are the Sri Lankan Tamils would become extinct in fatally-racist New Zealand like tigers, given the color of their skin.

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