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Israeli Spies and NZ Prime Minister

Posted by te2ataria on July 20, 2011

[Some of the links to this report have been removed/replaced/hacked. —Editor]

Sent by a reader in the Sewage City [Wellington]

John Key Commenting on Israeli Spy Activities in New Zealand

“If I thought it was in the national interest to discuss those matters [Israeli Spy Activities in New Zealand,] I would,” he said. “In the case of the previous Government where there was misuse of New Zealand passports, that was deemed to be in the national interest.”

Mossad agents in New Zealand are up to no good again!

“Among the suspicious activities reported include the discovery of five passports on an Israeli earthquake victim, his comrades fleeing the country the same day of the event, and a confrontation between armed New Zealand police and an unaccredited Israeli search and rescue team.” Newstalk ZB said.

Meanwhile security expert Paul Buchanan believes the police and SIS have reason to be concerned about reports of possible Israeli spies in Christchurch during the February earthquake.

“One has to wonder what was going on,” Buchanan told Newstalk ZB’s Susan Wood. “To have known the fact that the survivors left the country immediately and there were high powered Israeli overtures to the New Zealand Government to bring in a search and rescue team, and as it turns out an unauthorised search and rescue team was sent here and actually detained by the police when they were in the red zone.”

Ofer Benyamin Mizrahi, 23, one of 3 Israelis who were reportedly killed in the Christchurch earthquake, was found to be carrying at least 5 passports.


The Mossad is responsible for intelligence collection and covert operations which are suspected to include targeted killings and paramilitary activities beyond Israel’s borders (Wikipedia).


1. Other than the most obvious Israeli assets like John Key, Nicolas Sarkozy … Miliband brothers …, can you name 400 other prominent leaders (politicians/diplomats) in the “free world” whose primary allegiance is to the state of Israel? [Alternatively, name FIVE world leaders whose primary allegiance is NOT to the state of Israel. ]

2. How many small and medium-size businesses in New Zealand are financial fronts for illegal Mossad/Israeli operations?

[If SIS were serious about stopping Israeli spies from using New Zealand as a major base for their illegal activities, they would go after the many hundreds of Mossad front businesses which sponsor the murderous spies.]

3. When the thick blue line [NZ police farce]  say the  police computer network has NOT been hacked by the Israelis [and infiltrated by various malware,] are they lying through their rotten teeth, or too dumb to be aware of the hacking incidents?

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8 Responses to “Israeli Spies and NZ Prime Minister”

  1. guest said

    It’s pretty simple. NZ citizenship is for sale. Because NZ needs money. It cannot sell enough sheep meat and scenery to satisfy the needs of its citizens. So it sells passports, highway robbing the migrants on their way through, and engages in financial funny business to keep coffers filled “for a day” with money coming from god knows where and heading god knows where, using currency accounts held in other countries.and no internal record kept of them.

    This is the sort of business that globetrotting passport wheeling and dealing Israelis excel at, and you can bet the door is wide open for them now, with Key at the helm..


    A triumph of pragmatism.

    Being a conservative, Key would also not especially mind if the Israelis happened to gather useful info about “nosy Parkers” and [name removed] leftists.

    • te2ataria said

      @ guest
      The Israeli involvement is much more serious than selling passports. Israel is using NZ as a major base for its illegal spy activities. The PM knows it (of course), the Defence Force chief is fully aware of it, but won’t risk his pension, AND the SIS pimps most probably know it, too!
      YOU do know, don’t you?

  2. te2ataria said

    OPINION: Thank you Prime Minister.

    After a hesitant start yesterday, John Key confirmed the main elements of The Southland Times’ months-long investigation into the suspicions New Zealand intelligence agencies and the police have about the activities of several groups of Israelis in Christchurch in the aftermath of the earthquake on February 22.

    He has now acknowledged, as we reported yesterday, that:

    Government agencies including the Security Intelligence Service and police launched a wide-ranging investigation of several groups of Israelis who were either caught up in the earthquake or arrived in the city within hours after the event, supposedly to help search for victims.

    Particularly suspicious was the hurried flight from New Zealand of three survivors who had smashed their way out of a crushed van in the central city, leaving the driver dead inside.

    There was an “incident” involving Israelis being found in the “red zone”, the cordoned area where damage from the quake was most serious, after they had been refused permission to enter the tightly patrolled area.

    The police national computer system had been checked; and

    As we reported yesterday, the various investigations and checks had not found any evidence to support those suspicions. My intelligence agency source says the investigations found “lots of smoke, but no fire so far, lots of potentially suspicious activity but we are always suspicious of the Israelis”.

    However, in two areas my information is in conflict with the statements made by Mr Key yesterday.

    He seems to be indicating that the investigations are completed. My sources believe that, while the initial investigation has been done, the file remains open and a wider investigation into the various Israeli groups in Christchurch during and after the quake is continuing. Since my sources are involved in that investigation it may be that Mr Key has not been fully briefed by his officials.

    Mr Key has also rejected my report that at least five passports were found among the possessions of the dead Israeli van driver, Ofer Mizrahi. After acknowledging early yesterday that multiple passports had been found with Mr Mizrahi, Mr Key later said at a press conference that only one had been found with the body.

    Intelligence gathering can be murky and confusing, conflicting information can make sorting fact from fiction difficult.

    However, Mr Key’s latest version of the passports issue contradicts Israel’s ambassador to New Zealand, Shemi Tzur, who told me last week that when he was handed Mr Mizrahi’s effects in Christchurch the bag contained more than one passport.

    I suspect we will learn more about those passports in time.

    Even so, I do thank the prime minister. We knew we were asking our readers to take much of what we were reporting on trust because, while we were confident of our sources, they insisted on confidentiality – “not for attribution” – so we could not name them.

    – The Southland Times

  3. guest said

    I smell a big rat but I don’t know any details. I know that smell because of past experience, smell memory you might say – and it ain’t clean.

  4. Mike said

    All hype put together by as combination of the racist police/security and the hype of the Fairfax media guys. There is no conspiracy here.

  5. te2ataria said

    @ Mike
    That depends on your definition of ‘conspiracy.’
    It’s true that the police are racist and antisemitic (as well as anti-Indian, anti-Korean anti-Japanese, anti Chinese …)
    It’s also true that the SIS does not serve the interest of 99 percent of Maori and pakeha alike.
    (The integrity of Fair Facts has been addressed on this blog, too)

    However, that doesn’t change the fact that Israelis are using New Zealand (and Australia) as a major base for their spy activities. Lest anyone should forget this, they have a record of doing so.

  6. te2ataria said

    We are reminded by a reader that some of the links to the above report have been removed.
    See the following for additional details of Israelis spying in NZ.


  7. JP said

    Donal Trump stuck his head so far up Israel backside Malaria had to clean the hair with a fire hose!
    Trump has closely aligned himself with Israel, including conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he has been called the king of Israel.


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