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Rats deserting the sinking ship in droves

Posted by te2ataria on July 29, 2011

But don’t let them plague your country as they have ours!

A quarter of young pakeha  planning to leave New Zealand: Report

To any delusional would-be immigrant to New Zealand: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Shocking statistic

”That’s terrible and it’s because the Kiwi dream is beyond their reach, partly because house prices are beyond their reach and put more out of reach by our tax settings, which benefit the people who own multiple houses because of tax advantages,” said Labour’s economic development spokesman David Parker.

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2 Responses to “Rats deserting the sinking ship in droves”

  1. marie said

    Geez I thought NZ was a heaven of peace and stability. It is really the end of the world. And if we got to choose a place to end,
    better be in a land where food is growing in the trees. NZ is agricultural, pastoral. When Australia gets the world economic tsunami, people will go back to NZ and work the land. what can we possibly do without eating? nothing. So Australia is great people great nation but not very pastoral. Unemployment and high prices make kiwis migrate to Australia. worldwide unemployment and no money left will make kiwis go back to NZ. In any case each of us got to end where we belong. It is called fate or destiny. Sun helps but sun also burns. Rain is life but also floods. What is sure is that we need sun and water if we want wheat. we need to go back to essentials. like it was some decades ago.
    all this shopping nonsense will get us nowhere. the earth got too small.

    • te2ataria said

      marie said:
      “NZ is agricultural, pastoral.”

      but at what environmental price? See blog content about the use of t5he deadly 1080 and other pesticides (agvet chemicals).

      “like it was some decades ago”
      some decades ago the population was about a quarter of what it is now!
      “all this shopping nonsense will get us nowhere”
      on that we agree!

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