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Asian emigrants have little or NO rights in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on October 17, 2011

Corporate-sponsored democracy in New Zealand more oppressive than the Chinese regime: This blog is filtered by Google, censored by New Zealand government and hacked by WordPress.


Commenting on

New Zealand Openly Discriminates Against Asians

Jake said:

“There is no ‘White’ person alive who ever stole any land of ‘Maori'”

White Moderator J: That’s probably true, but the thieves didn’t return the stolen land to Maori upon  departure to Tartarus.

Jake: Furthermore there are not full blooded Maori’s left and most Pakeha and Maori share common blood lines.

WMJ: Fail to see the relevance, even if remotely true. Is a “white” person with 75% European blood and 25 percent African blood considered “white” or “black” in your neighborhood?

[NOTE: White Europeans look pale, Africans look black and Maori look like, you probably guessed it, Maori.]

Jake: The reason most Asian peoples feel left out is because the Treaty of Waitangi (the founding document of our nation) was signed between the British and the Maori. New Zealand from that point on has been a bi-cultural society fighting to forge a single culture and nation.

WMJ: The Treaty of Waitangi is NOT a valid contract. Take it to any respectable international court and the judges would throw it out of the window … ! For starters, Pacta quae turpem causam continent non sunt observanda.

Jake: Asians and Polynesians were never part of that agreement and have offered little to our culture or institutions. Asians come to fill the skill shortages, and take our high paid jobs and Polynesians come here to do menial jobs to get their children into good schools.

WMJ: If the two groups, Asians and Polynesians,  emigrate to this country legally, then the government must respect their rights and treat them equally.

Jake: Most of the productive work such as agriculture and horticulture is carried out by Maori and Pakeha. Why when times are tough and our own people can’t find work should we employ foreigners who offer little and take take take.

WMJ: This is a racist attitude. Legal emigrants should not be treated any differently than any other of us.

[NOTE: For your information, most of the agriculture in this country is carried out by low-paid southeast Asians who work in slave-like conditions: NZers help drive demand for sex and labour slaves]

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2 Responses to “Asian emigrants have little or NO rights in New Zealand”

  1. Hippynz said

    “most of the agriculture in this country is carried out by low-paid southeast Asians who work in slave-like conditions” rubbish, unless their asian boss is paying under the table illegally. It is only (most of the time) asian bosses that pay under the table and avoid paying taxes to cheat the system. You often see this in asian businesses where the boss hates it if you ask for a receipt because they have to put this money through the books. A computer store was do in Hamilton for selling illegly coped software from china and only 30% of their business was done legitimately (tax paid)

  2. te2ataria said

    Hippynz said:
    “they get the same wages as everyone else”

    Simply NOT true!

    See Trafficking in Persons Report 2011 (published by the US State Department)
    NEW ZEALAND (Tier 1)
    “New Zealand is a source country for underage girls subjected to sex trafficking within the country, and a destination country for foreign men and women in forced labor. New Zealand is reportedly a destination country for women from Asian countries, such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, and China, and Eastern Europe trafficked into forced prostitution, though no new substantive information about such cases was discovered in the past year. According to a press report during the year, women, including some from Malaysia, are recruited by labor agents, but upon arrival in New Zealand, are handed over to brothel owners, who confiscate their passports and force them into prostitution for up to 18 hours a day to repay the “loan” of recruitment and transportation costs. Child trafficking victims are found engaging in prostitution illegally in brothels and off the street, some being closely controlled by local gangs. Asians and Pacific Islanders migrate to New Zealand voluntarily to work legally or illegally in the agricultural sector, and women from the Philippines migrate legally to work as nurses. Some foreign workers report being charged excessive and escalating recruitment fees, experiencing unjustified salary deductions, restrictions on their movement, confiscation of passports, and altered contracts or working conditions without their permission – all indicators of human trafficking. According to a press report and the United Nations Inter-Agency Project on human trafficking, there were concerns that some fishermen from Indonesia, Vietnam, and elsewhere in Southeast Asia are allegedly victims of forced labor in New Zealand waters; these men may have experienced conditions including passport confiscation, significant debts, physical violence and abuse, and are often forced to work a seven-day work week. No independent research has been conducted to determine the full extent of the trafficking problem in New Zealand.”

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