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How NZ seismologists covered their butts

Posted by te2ataria on January 6, 2012

Sent by a reader

The submission is being edited …


pakeha have no idea about things in the sky, on water, on or below the ground

What will happen to Chch?

“A lot of the stress must have been released in the city area, but around (the surrounding region of) Canterbury there may well be an ongoing sequence over a period of a few decades,” said Kelvin Berryman of GNS Science.

“There is almost certainly still a (magnitude) 5.0 out there and we would guess quite a few 4’s and 3s on a daily basis,” said Berryman. “We are progressing into a period where quakes are not damaging but they can affect people mentally.”

Informed opinion:

“New Zealand islands straddle the boundaries of two of the globe’s most restive tectonic plates: The Pacific and the Indo-Australian plates,” said a scientist.

The submission is being edited …

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