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Maori Genocide: The Real Holocaust

Posted by te2ataria on February 6, 2012

Maori Traumatised by Colonisation Holocaust: Keri Opai, Maori Academic

Maori could forgive but cannot forget genocide committed against them during the colonisation.

“Language lecturer Keri Opai told a Radio New Zealand panel discussion yesterday that Maori were suffering from post traumatic stress disorder following the “holocaust” of colonisation,” according to a report.

“If you really knew what went on, all the awful stuff, that really does break down to a holocaust. I know we might get in trouble for saying those words but it is absolutely true. That is what happened, we are still recovering from that,” he said.

“I would hope that the average Pakeha New Zealander would perhaps throw their hands up with dismay and go `wow, sorry guys, we really messed up with that one. How can we help you out?’ and perhaps the Government would be on board.”

Treaty teacher Margaret Smith spoke about the personal impact of a number of oil and gas wells drilled near her Waitara home.

“And I have been told there are plans for 25 more around my area. This makes me cry because, I am not a scientist, I don’t do a lot of scientific analysis, but I feel papatuanuku (land) crying. I know that sounds flaky but I feel it inside. I feel the pain. For me it is like papatuanuku has been raped,” she said.

“Panelist Kura Denness said she experienced devastating racism against Maori every day, but expressed optimism for the future of Taranaki,” according to the report.

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