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Three percent of kiwis abandon New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on March 8, 2012

January 2012 saw the 2nd highest number of Kiwis ever emigrating to Australia

The mass exodus has seen a total of at least 119,000 kiwis, or three percent of the population, abandoning the sinking ship in the past 3 years.

Some 4,700 more New Zealanders left for Australia than arrived in January, taking the annual loss to a record 38,100 in the 12 month-period, according to Statistics New Zealand.

Readers unfamiliar with the Darkland will note that the population of this country is around 4 million.

[Despite the usual rumours, Tasman Sea did not part.]

Kiwis packing up and heading across the ditch to Australia has become an all too predictable trend under National, and will only worsen as further job cuts and public sector retrenchment is realised, says Labour’s Economic Development spokesperson David Cunliffe.

January 2012 saw the second-highest number of Kiwis emigrating to Australia ever.

“While National drives down wages and puts more people on the dole, Australia is offering secure jobs that pay well. For many, moving is a no-brainer,” David Cunliffe said.

“119,000 people have now left New Zealand since National came to power promising to halt the trans-Tasman exodus. That’s more people than the city of Dunedin, and far more brains than the country can afford to lose.

“Their decision to leave can’t be blamed on the global financial crisis which has hit everyone, including Australia. Nor can it be passed off as short-term thinking. That’s National’s territory.

“The reality is Kiwis are done with slogans. They don’t think their future is looking bright,” David Cunliffe said.  [Labour Party, Fuseworks]

To avoid a nightmare scenario, Australians are well advised to demand pakeha bringing their own food and drinks, and contain the lot of them in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania!

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  • Mass NZDF exodus  “A mass exodus of more than 900 military personnel in a 12-month period has forced the New Zealand Defence Force to recruit even more staff from the United Kingdom. “

2 Responses to “Three percent of kiwis abandon New Zealand”

  1. Marama said


  2. Marama said

    *Sorry! the above was a typo!

    I just wanted to say THANKYOU! for this site!
    I finally managed to get out of NZ 8 months ago…and I was just in a state of shock at how so many other countries on this planet are SO much more peaceful,friendly,affordable,and crime free than NZ!
    Now the problem is when I try and explain this to people they think im lying, as New Zealand has this “Friendly and Magical Hideaway Island” fantasy attached to it-Obviously the people that work in Tourism advertising are doing their job to flat out lie so well!
    I came from the upper North Island and had my experience of MANY a crooked filthy Cop,to go along with all the criminals..really they were one and the same…So as a Woman in NZ I never felt truly safe…Now it didnt help that Im mostly white either…even though I grew up around Maori,and was lucky enough to have some amazing friendships and be part of some equally amazing families, there were always those quick to call me a “White Bitch” at any given chance…I too have noticed even racism not being so overt in other countries…Again people have a hard time believing this when I try and explain what daily life was like back in NZ….Really when all is said and done,my family and I were doing our utmost to be able to afford basic food and rent!….Even after pushing a year I still cant get over the difference between NZ and the rest of the world…I now live with my family in America- What I believe and have been shown is a truly blessed country…
    Frankly I wouldnt send my worst enemy to live in NZ.

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