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Killed in NZ: Australian tourist to go home in body bag

Posted by te2ataria on October 24, 2012

Another Australian woman killed in NZ tourist deathtrap

Melbourne woman Chelsea Callaghan died at the weekend having suffered severe head injuries while on a quad bike adventure tour less than two weeks ago.

Ms Callaghan, 38, who had signed up for a tour with “quad-bike specialist” Riverland Adventures, sustained her injuries at Klondyke Rd, in Onewhero, just outside Auckland, on October 11, according to a report.

“Her death is the fifth quad bike-related death this year and follows that of 10-year-old Sam White on October 10,” the report said.

According to data from Ministry of Innovation & Employment, formerly the Department of Labour, 850 people are injured riding quad bikes on farms every year and five die.

Recorded quad bike deaths 2012 (NZ Herald)

October : Chelsea Callaghan, 38, from Melbourne, Australia, died at the weekend following a crash near Onewhero on October 11.

October: Shane William White, 10, died in the Wairarapa.

July: US tourist Jeffrey Robert Frum, 21, died at Hahei.

March: Luke James Randle, 20, died at Foxton Beach.

January: Peter Rouse, 74, died on a Tokomaru Bay farm.

On average, 3 foreigners are killed in New Zealand every 4 days.

The Australian tourist from Melbourne  was probably the 2,577th visitor killed in New Zealand since January 2000.

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3 Responses to “Killed in NZ: Australian tourist to go home in body bag”

  1. DontCallMeDude said

    They carve us up too, not just tourists remember Alan Hubbard, the $550 million dollar financier killed in a car crash (??)
    I searched your site and his name doesnt appear, soo, enjoy this:

    Allan was not killed in the car accident but in the helicopter enroute from Oamaru hospital (where he had been stabilised for an hour and a half) to Dunedin hospital. He was DOA after that short helicopter ride…

  2. NZ is a dirty joke said

    anyone who spends five minutes in new zealand […]

  3. logan said

    I will add a one way link to your forum.

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