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Messages sent to this blog are blocked

Posted by te2ataria on August 3, 2013

This blog is filtered by Google, hacked by WordPress and censored by NZ gov.

As of July 26, ALL messages sent to this blog are blocked by one or more of the above parties.

7 Responses to “Messages sent to this blog are blocked”

  1. Alex said

    [Alex This message sent by you on August 5, arrived today, August 9, but it was BLANK. Moderator K. ]

  2. JLT said

  3. Mr_Alex said

  4. Paul Scott said

    interesting, I was looking for a pcture of the Thailand flag being burned
    Subject death of democracy Thailand,
    I found a NZ flag being burned and annoyed, I followed the URL and arrived here

  5. JLT said

    This is a replicate of the message I left in your Fonterra file, just to see what happens.

    I could understand (but in no way condone) them censoring comments and anecdotal statements, but attempting to censor citations to international news service and commentary on those sources has to be counterproductive,

    If possible, you should do a section on just the type of censoring and other cyber hooliganism Apartheid Fort New Zealand has been subjected too.

    It has to be done either by New Zealand’s government or at their instigation, for nobody else with the ability is both ignorant enough, and picayune enough to spend the time and effort in blatant attempts to conceal the obvious.

    Well, let’s see if this critique of of the morons makes it past them.

  6. te2ataria said

    Do the morons feel the danger has passed, or playing a game of SWITCH?

  7. JLT said

    @Te2ataria – I don’t know what they think they are trying to accomplish save to demonstrate themselves as banal little fools.

    Trying to internet censor or suppress various New Zealand related affairs which are widely reported in the international news media is akin to the drunks who attempted to bail out the sinking Titanic with their champagne buckets and wastebaskets.

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