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More foreigners killed in NZ this Anzac weekend

Posted by te2ataria on April 26, 2015

Female pedestrian hit by Train (!)

Bay of Plenty of Deaths.  A female pedestrian was struck by a train on Ngatai Rd, Bellevue, Tauranga, at approximately 8.30 pm this evening (26th of April 2015), police said

The female believed to be in her 40’s was transferred to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

 Samoan killed in boating incident at Waipuna Road, Auckland

The man who died at the Waipuna Road boat ramp on Saturday was Mr Sililo Seiuli, aged 55 years old. police said.  The victim was a  Samoan who was staying in Mt Wellington.

New Plymouth crash victims named

At about 4pm Saturday (25 April, 2015) a vehicle collided with a pedestrian killing both the driver and the pedestrian, police said.

The driver of the vehicle was 22-year-old Alekh ACHARYA, a Nepalese national and the pedestrian was Ronald Victor MILLMAN, aged 67, of New Plymouth.  http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/new-plymouth-crash-victims-named

Road Crash fatality on SH30, Awakeri near to Whakatane

Bay of Plenty of Deaths: One person was killed shortly after 9pm Saturday in a single vehicle crash on SH30 (near to Kope Drain Road). No details on the deceased will be released until next of kin are located and advised, police said. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/updates/37049

Serious Injury Crash in Otorohanga (Waikato)

At about 9.50am on 25th April Police, Fire and Ambulance attended a serious crash on Waitomo Caves Road near Otorohanga, police said.

A car being driven by a middle aged woman and a Tour Operators van collided on Waitomo Caves Road west of the main Waitomo Complex. The female who was seriously injured was eventually cut free from the car and was taken by Air Ambulance to Waikato Hospital where she is currently being treated.

The woman was later identified as a 65-year-old American woman (her name is a state secret!). She sustained multiple fractures and was trapped in the car for more than an hour before being freed by rescue crews. She was flown by the Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter to Waikato Hospital.

Man found in crashed car identified

Bay of Plenty of Deaths: A man found dead in a crashed car in Rotorua this morning (Saturday, 25 April) has been identified as 21-year-old ELISHA ARELI (victim’s nationality was NOT disclosed) who was staying in Rotorua.  Police has not been able to establish if there was any other persons in the vehicle at the time of the crash that might have left prior to their arrival.

Road death at Mercer, Waikato

Shortly before 3am on Saturday, 25 April 2015 police were told of a body found on the Expressway (SH1) south of Auckland.

No details of the deceased will be released until next of kin have been located, contacted and advised. “That is expected to take sometime,” police said. (*&^%$^@#)

Pedestrian killed in Whakatane

A 25-year-old man was killed when he was struck by a car in Whakatane last night. Police said the pedestrian was hit on Keepa Rd about 8.50pm. His name has NOT been released.

Hauraki crash victim named

The 38-year-old Timothy Jensen was killed when his Nissan and a Holden Commodore collided head-on on the rural Hauraki Rd, near Kerepehi at 5.30am on Wednesday.

Papatoetoe Train Fatality

The deceased is believed to be a male aged 59 years. Police believe they know his identity, but they won’t tell us.  It has been reported the victim was struck by the North Freight Train.

Five separate fatal crashes this Anzac weekend

At least three pedestrians were killed after five separate fatal crashes this Anzac weekend.

“The deadly crashes, which claimed six lives, happened in Mercer, New Plymouth and Rotorua, with another two in Whakatane,” according to a report.

“Three of [those who were killed were] pedestrians”,  said Police assistant commissioner Dave Cliff, “which is really unusual”. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11438988

We don’t know where the assistant commissioner was resting his head earlier because at least three other pedestrians were killed a week ago, too!

Deadly Crash off a New Plymouth overbridge

In the early hours of last Sunday, Andrew Maurice John Warren, 40, of Urenui, died when he smashed his car through a bridge barrier near Vivian St, New Plymouth, before falling about 5 meters and coming to rest in the car park below.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/67860414/fatal-crash-in-new-plymouth

Man killed by car named by police

Wednesday Apr 22, 2015. Police have named the man who was struck and killed by a vehicle yesterday. Ian Robert McKenzie was moving stock on Old Coach Rd, Pukehina, when the crash happened.

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NZ ‘First Family’ leads the nation in sexual deviancy

Posted by te2ataria on April 26, 2015

‘First daughter’ poses nude in Paris, while her parents chase after waitresses with cute ponytails in Parnell

John Key’s attempts to groom waitress for ménage à trois backfire

Now Explore Cherry Lazar:



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Anzac day parade: an outrage on conscience

Posted by te2ataria on April 25, 2015

from the pages of apartheid fort new zealand blog:

IF war is so glorious, why do you have to lace it with sex to make it sell?

Ramming the War Dildo Down Your Throat and Up Your Tushi

Sent by a reader in the UK [Edited by TEAA] – Originally posted by te2ataria on November 11, 2009

The war mechanics have it in for you!

War Propaganda: Whether they are selling you war with the boobs on tanks gimmicks, the pathetic ANZAC Day way, or through the Armistice nostalgia crap, the war mechanics have you hooked by your private parts.

the war dildo - boobs on tanks
Ramming the War Dildo Up Your Tushi: By Hooks, Crooks and Massive Boobs!
Chelsea Charms, who claims to have the world’s biggest breasts, sits on a tank, selling the occupation war in Afghanistan during the ‘Boobs on Bikes’ parade along Queen Street [September 23, 2009.] Photo by David Rowland/NZPA. Image may be subject to copyright.

Take the latest outrage, an affront to sanity and human dignity!

Students have been asked to write speeches about war in the Cyril Bassett VC Speech Competition. The prize is a trip to Gallipoli. This time it’s a return trip. The next time, it would be one way without so much as a VC cross.

Corporal Cyril Bassett, who received the VC for his bravery under fire at Gallipoli Corporal Cyril Bassett received the VC for his bravery under fire at Gallipoli. Some of his 2,271 dead comrades got wooden crosses, and 4,752 others who were wounded got f**k all, presumably because they weren’t as brave as him.

This writer’s grandfather got £5 for losing his brother to WWII  (and NO medals).

The competition is named after the first New Zealander to win a Victoria Cross for bravery in World War I. Corporal Bassett, VC, reportedly “braved intense enemy fire at Chunuk Bair on the Gallipoli Peninsula several times to repair communications lines.”

How do we know that? War historians… ok … . Well, to be honest with you …

Why did he go to war in the first place? The Ottoman soldiers were advancing in … err… on Otago!

To tell you the truth, everybody was fighting those days. Look at Afghanistan and Iraq. Isn’t the enemy still fighting us there even today?

“It was just that I was so short that the bullets passed over me”, He later said, reluctant to talk about his VC.  “All my mates ever got were wooden crosses.”

Some 8,556 New Zealand soldiers landed at Gallipoli, of whom 2,721 were killed and 4,752 wounded. But only one man won the VC jackpot prize. Presumably, the rest of them were considered not brave enough to win a prize because they refused to risk their lives for their slave masters.

“Too bad they were slaughtered in trenches like chickens in a coop,” a certain politician might have been heard saying, “they had the option to die like real men!”

What an insult to the 7, 473 dead and wounded in the Gallipoli Campaign. They didn’t get even a lollipop consolation prize. It was almost as bad as molesting the secondary school students with the war dildo.

Why the school war speech competition?

Honorable mention for anyone who gets this one right!

[Hints: An old Chinese psychological system of influencing the mind, which was successfully reintroduced in N. Vietnam on American POWs. You become what you write about. Also a trick used by marketing firms for deep-branding.]

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Since Anzac day four years ago …

Posted by te2ataria on April 25, 2015

sent by a reader in Wellington four years ago….

But the military no longer trusts its chopper pie-lots

So many people lost their lives so that one day a C*NT like John Key could be the Prime Minister (again)

Ninety-six years on and nearly 3,000 dead, but kiwis have failed to evolve and change their  “values!”

“Breaking with #$#@%!! Tradition”

“Earthquake battered Christchurch has had to forgo its traditional gathering in Cathedral Square for a less attended service in Hagley Park.”

“Vietnam veteran and parade marshal Patrick Duggan has been attending the dawn parade at the cathedral for the past 24 years and said it was sad to break the tradition.

“It would have been great to have it at the cathedral, even just as it stands now, but we had to take safety into consideration.” He said.


“He said last year’s service drew a crowd of about 15,000 Cantabrians and it was disheartening to see only a small bunch gathered today.”


Daylight Robbery!

“War veterans were dealt the ultimate insult on Anzac Day after the New Zealand flag was stolen from the New Plymouth cenotaph shortly after the dawn service.

“The theft occurred in broad daylight between the end of the dawn service at 6.45am and when it was first noticed missing at 9.15am.”


‘Anzac Culture’ Police [Added by Moderator]

Did you expect the ‘Anzac-Culture’ police to behave differently, for example, give a damn about human life, or public property?

“Police cars are involved in more than twice as many crashes as they were six years ago – now having nearly three accidents a day.

“The latest figures, issued to The Dominion Post under the Official Information Act, show 1053 crashes involving police cars in the last financial year – up 140 per cent from 2004-05.

“Police have said the dramatic increase is due to better reporting methods, a claim labelled “silly” and “insulting” by a Lower Hutt man injured in a police crash.”


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Recent reported fatalities on NZ death roads

Posted by te2ataria on April 23, 2015

Two women named Smith (unrelated) killed in head-on crash

New Plymouth Police has named the two women who were killed in a violent crash on Devon Road, New Plymouth yesterday (22 April, 2015) afternoon as:

– Rachel Constance Smith of Waitara.

– Pamela Mary Smith of Waitara.

The women are not related, police said.

The deaths are [at least] the third and fourth on Taranaki roads this year and come four days after a man died when his car plunged five metres off the Vivian St overbridge into a car park.

Kerepehi Fatal Crash
A fatal crash occurred on Hauraki rd, 200m from SH2 near Kerepehi on April 22, 2015.
Two cars had collided head-on, police said. The male driver of one car is dead and a man and woman from the other vehicle are reported to have sustained minor injuries.

One fatality following serious crash on Gardeners Road
Canterbury Police confirmed that one person was killed following a serious crash involving two cars and a truck on Gardeners Road shortly before 4.45pm on 22 April 2015. The driver and sole occupant of one of the cars has been confirmed as deceased at the scene.

New Plymouth crash victim named
The man who was killed in a single vehicle crash on Vivian Street, New Plymouth on 19 April, 2015 has been named. He was Andrew Maurice John Warren of Urenui.

Homicide victim identified
A woman found deceased at a house on Elizabeth Street, Taupo (Bay of Plenty of Murders) on Tuesday evening (14 April) has been formally identified as 47-year-old Katrina Rose Drummond.

Police caution Northland motorcyclists following fatalities
Police are urging motorcyclists to take care while riding as more than half of Northland’s fatal crashes this year have involved motorbikes. Four of the seven victims of fatal crashes in Northland since the start of the year were motorcyclists.
– January 5: A 50-year-old man died after his motorcycle collided with a car on Murrays Road in Tangowahine Valley.
– February 12: A 42-year-old woman died after her moped left the road at Omapere and hit a tree.
– March 30: A 23-year-old man died after he came off his motorcycle on State Highway One north of Whangarei.
– April 9: A 53-year-old man died after his motorcycle collided with a car on the intersection of Riverside Drive and Mackesy Rd.

Fatal Coromandel crash closed highway for several hours
“At this point we believe two vehicles, each with one occupant have collided head-on. One driver has died while another has suffered critical injuries. An air ambulance helicopter is flying to the scene to transport the injured party, once freed to hospital.”

Multiple vehicle fatal crash in rural Waikato
“Initial information to hand is that three cars were involved in the crash and three people from the different vehicles were trapped having suffered injuries varying from moderate to critical. One of those trapped has died at the scene and fire-fighters are working to free the others to allow medical treatment.”

Missing kayaker named: ‘We will carry him in our hearts’
“Private Hamish Alexander Robert Duncan, a 20-year-old medic with the New Zealand Army, went missing while on a recreational trip at Lake Coleridge on April 4.”

Deer seriously injures woman

Ex-Christchurch female bodybuilder dies suddenly aged 44


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John Key’s attempts to groom waitress for ménage à trois backfire

Posted by te2ataria on April 22, 2015

Pervert Prime Minister shows his true colours

The waitress said the Prime Minister pulled on her ponytail on several occasions, and then joked that his wife did it.


The waitress said Key had repeatedly tugged on her ponytail on several occasions. She is said to be a waitress at a Rosie, a cafe frequented by Key and his wife Bronagh near their Parnell mansion, according to a report.

“She claimed the Prime Minister approached her again at the cafe on March 13, but the waitress made her views clear”.

The waitress said she told him to stop, “or I will actually hit you soon”.

“During that visit, she said Key asked her manager: “she really doesn’t like me pulling her ponytail?” to which the manager said ‘well…no'”.

Annette King, the MP for Rongotai, said the PM should have known better.

“Is the Prime minister going to judge himself in the same way he judged Aaron Gilmore? A higher standard is expected of any Prime Minister,” King said.

“Touching anybody in an unwelcome manner is always very inappropriate and I think it’s especially true if you’re in a position of power, which the Prime Minister is,” King said.

“I think it was a stupid action and the Prime Minister in particular, doesn’t have the luxury of tomfoolery, particularly with people who are employees and people that he doesn’t know.”

King said it would be “very difficult” for the waitress to complain because of the imbalance in power.


Green MP Metiria Turei said the incidents amounted to bullying.

“New Zealanders know you can’t walk into a cafe and start tugging on someone’s hair, especially if they’ve told you they don’t like it.

“John Key should be held to the same standards as the rest of us.

“A lot of New Zealanders know what it’s like to feel as if you’re not taken seriously in a job. As politicians, our job is to make people feel safe at work, not bullied.

“It’s a sign of how out of touch John Key has become when he can’t even monitor how inappropriate his personal behaviour is, and when people are not comfortable with how he is behaving.”

One of our colleagues has emailed the PM asking him to reveal which of the following clowns he is more closely related to:

Woody Allen
Roman Polansky
Bernard Lawrence Madoff (Bankster Bernie), former boss of the NASDAQ stock exchange
Silvio Berlusconi
Dominique Strauss-Kahn
Rabbi Mordechai Elon
Barry Freundel, longtime rabbi at Washington, DC’s Kesher Israel Congregation.

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NZ presstitute far less genetically diverse than even the “thick blue line”

Posted by te2ataria on April 13, 2015

Karaka Rd crash kills two Chinese nationals leaves a third fighting for his life

The Chinese visitors did NOT cause the Karaka Road’s fatal crash!

Police said:

Monday, 13 April 2015 – 2:53pm – Counties Manukau

The investigation into a crash which killed two women in Karaka on Saturday morning is continuing.

Police can name the two women as Na Huan, aged 22, and Zhuangya Xu, 23 both of China.

The women were travelling in a yellow Toyota Altezza with one other person who remains in hospital in a critical condition.

The other vehicle, a white Toyota Altezza, was travelling in the opposite direction on Karaka Road.  At this stage of the investigation it appears that this vehicle crossed the centre line.  The driver of this vehicle remains in hospital with serious injuries.

Everyone involved in the two car crash was wearing seatbelts.

New Zealand presstitute said:

Two dead; two seriously injured

The carnage continued early Saturday when two women died on State Highway 22 near Karaka. That crash also left two people fighting for their lives.

Firefighters used hydraulic cutting gear to remove the roofs of both vehicles to reach the dead women and the injured men.

Police said three Chinese nationals were in one car and had only recently arrived in New Zealand.

Ministry of Transport figures show to the end of February, 55 people had died on New Zealand roads – 14 more than the same time last year.

A 2014 ministry report on overseas drivers also shows the percentage of crashes involving overseas licenceholders has almost doubled over the last two decades.

[Note: Genetic diversity is a major driver of intelligence among catarrhines (higher primates), whereas inborn genetic brain disorders, which affect the development and function of the brain, are more prone to occur when diversity is less prevalent.]

Our link :


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Two more crash victims named, one an Indian student

Posted by te2ataria on April 13, 2015

Indian Student killed in Kerepehi crash named

The 20-year-old student who was killed on State Highway 2 in Kerepehi on Friday morning has been named as Dilbag Singh Sekhon.

Police said the Indian student’s car and a truck collided.  The victim was studying in Katikati,

Victim of fatal crash near St Andrews named

Monday, 13 April 2015 – 4:41pm – Canterbury

Canterbury Police are now able to name the victim of the fatal crash near St Andrews that is reported to have occurred shortly after 2.45pm last Friday (10 April 2015). She was four year old Cloey Mikayla Faber-Thomas from Auckland. [The family probably from the U.S. ?]

The victim was a rear seat passenger in a north-bound Nissan Tida with her parents and sibling at the time of the crash.  They are being treated in Christchurch Hospital and have asked that no update on their condition be made at this time, police insist.

Witnesses report that the Nissan Tida crossed the centre line as it exited a bend south of St Andrews.

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Two more Chinese nationals killed in NZ, third fighting for his life

Posted by te2ataria on April 12, 2015

Six killed, many critically injured amid hours of road carnage

Levi Green, 18, was killed after his car plunged over the edge of a bank in Oropi as he tried to flee police on Friday night. He had been thrown from the vehicle and died on the way to hospital, said the killer police. https://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/one-dead-vehicle-flees-police

Just hours earlier, a [foreign?] family holidaying in the South Island were involved in a crash near Timaru, killing a young girl and injuring five others, three of them critically.

Two dead two fighting for their lives

Early Saturday, two Chinese women were killed on State Highway 22 near Karaka. The crash also left two people fighting for their lives. One is in intensive care at Middlemore, and the other was transferred to Auckland Hospital, Newstalk ZB reported.

“Firefighters used hydraulic cutting gear to remove the roofs of both vehicles to reach the dead women and the injured men,” according to a report.

“Police said three Chinese nationals were in one car and had only recently arrived in New Zealand.”

“Ministry of Transport figures show to the end of February, 55 people had died [you gotta be kidding me!]  on New Zealand roads – 14 more than the same time last year.”

“Hours after the fatal crash, Rex Sheldon, 88, died from injuries he sustained after being hit by a light truck in his mobility scooter on Friday.” He died Saturday in Dunedin Hospital.

Other road kills, murders, unexpected deaths…

Children saw fatal attack on father
A homicide investigation has been launched after a 29-year-old father of four was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the Kaitaia Hospital (Northland) at about 10.30 pm on Saturday night.

Canterbury Road reopens following fatal crash – Friday, 10 April 2015 – 10:35pm
Canterbury Police can confirm that SH1 south of St Andrews has reopened following a fatal crash involving two vehicles shortly after 2.45pm this afternoon.

Christchurch teenager dies unexpectedly from lung condition

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This week’s uncensored murders, road kills…

Posted by te2ataria on April 10, 2015

Road reopened after fatal crash

Canterbury Police said SH1 south of St Andrews has reopened following a fatal crash involving two vehicles shortly after 2.45pm this afternoon (10 April 2015). No details of the deceased has been released.

One person was in a critical condition and was taken to Christchurch Hospital by helicopter. Another person in a critical condition was taken to Timaru Hospital. Three other people have been taken to Timaru Hospital with serious injuries, police said.



Police were called to a sudden death at the Copthorne Hotel in Auckland this afternoon (10 April 2015).

They found a dead woman in a room. NO names, details, etc, etc… has been released

Victim of fatal crash south of Rangitata Rd Bridge was a Jordanian man

Canterbury Police say the victim of the fatal crash south of the Rangitata Road Bridge involving a Honda Civic and a stock truck and trailer unit on 29 March 2015 was a 39-year-old Iyad Hassan Mohammad Abunahleh who was originally from Jordan.

Police name female victim of fatal crash near Lake Pukaki

Canterbury Police say the victim of the fatal crash involving two vehicles near Lake Pukaki on 5 April 2015 was 50-year-old Jacqueline Helen Marsden. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/victim-fatal-crash-near-lake-pukaki-named?hootPostID=cbdc0c7d9c97a95164270ba6fd8870b2

Underwater sonar search at Lake Coleridge continues

Police deployed a radial sonar at Lake Coleridge today during the continued search and recovery operation for the kayaker who went missing on Saturday afternoon (4 April 2015).

The missing man’s [wealthy family,] who are being supported by the NZ Army and Canterbury Police, have asked for privacy while the search continues.

Coleridge Intake Road will remain closed from Algidus Road to the intake while the recovery operation is underway.  http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/underwater-sonar-search-lake-coleridge-continues?hootPostID=c3ff622d262f71ab086bd4615715cfff

 Another Fatal crash in Whangarei

A 53-year-old man was killed in a crash in Whangarei Thursday night (9 April 2015).

The man was riding a motorcycle on Riverside Drive towards Onerahi when he collided with a car about 6.20pm at the intersection with Mackesy Drive, police said.

Another fatal collision between a truck and a car on a busy Waikato Highway

A fatal head-on collision between a truck and a car on a busy Waikato Highway, 1km south of the Wharepoa Rd intersection, has killed one person, believed to be the driver of the car, and left a second person in a critical condition.

Arrest made in relation to assault on two Korean fisherman at Ti Point Wharf

Teenage boy killed in quad bike accident near Kaikohe, Northland

Two fatal crash victims identified

Two men were killed in separate road crashes in the Bay of Plenty this week. Lawrence Mio Kerr, aged 51, from Torere near Opotiki, the driver of a fully laden logging truck, was killed when the truck rolled. This crash occurred shortly after noon on Tuesday, 7 April on State Highway 35 near Waihau Bay.

Motorcyclist Clinton Hunter, aged 26, was killed in a crash at approximately 6.55pm on Wednesday, 8 April on Carmichael Road, Bethlehem, Tauranga.

Homicide victim named

Yet another fatal quad bike crash

Farm owner who had been spraying weeds was killed after he rolled his quad bike into a drain at Hodders Road, Carterton, and became trapped underneath it.

Air search reveals no sign of three missing men

Manawatu Police launch homicide inquiry

A 28-year-old man, possibly a foreign visitor, was killed  in Palmerston North on 7 April 2015.
Police said they have arrested a 26-year-old Palmerston North man at the scene and charged him with murder.   http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/manawatu-police-launch-homicide-inquiry

Fatal Logging Truck crash in the Bay of Plenty (of deaths)

A fully laden logging truck left the road and overturned into a ditch on State highway 35 between Waihau bay and TeKaha in the Opotiki District, killing the  driver (7 April 2015). http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/fatal-logging-truck-crash

Woman left lying on road after ‘hit and run’
A severely injured woman was found lying on the side of a country road after what police are treating as a possible hit and run. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11427523

Three crashes in Tasman

Man who fell from capsized boat still missing

Family of female jogger killed by overtaking car angered by sentence
The family of a woman who was killed by an overtaking car while she out jogging is angry because the killer driver (the man who was at the wheel) has escaped a prison sentence.

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Easter road kills: 5-day news blackout continues

Posted by te2ataria on April 5, 2015

The Easter weekend road toll stands at one, thanks to the news blackout

One person was killed in a head-on collision on State Highway 8 between the Lake Pukaki Visitor Centre and Mt Cook Rd in Canterbury around 2.15pm on Sunday, and a second was flown to Christchurch Hospital in a serious condition.

Rescued from the sea, died at Wellington Hospital

Mr Boobesh Palani, the 26 year-old Indian student who was rescued from the sea at Eastbourne, last week, died on Friday at Wellington Hospital, said Hutt Valley Police.

Police have not yet released any information about the events leading up to the incident.

Fatal Motor Accident – Name released
Waikato Police have identified a man killed in Thursday morning’s collision between a car and a tree at Ngaruawahia. he was 24-year-old Royal Grayson BEAZLEY.

Man who fell from capsized boat still missing
A man who fell from a boat that capsized in Manukau Harbour on Thursday evening is still missing, police said.

Patient hit by two cars outside Wellington hospital
A hospital patient is in a critical condition after being hit by two cars outside a Wellington hospital Sunday afternoon. He was a patient at Kenepuru Community Hospital in Porirua, and was hit by two cars on Raiha St. about 1pm.

The victim has reportedly created another “jigsaw puzzle” for the police, who are scratching their ***** over the complexity of the incident.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/67615824/man-run-over-twice-near-kenepuru-hospital.html

Police hold serious concerns for pedestrian in hit and run
Auckland City Police say they have serious concerns for a pedestrian who was hit and injured by a car last Sunday morning in Great North Road, but has not yet been identified.

“The driver has left the scene shortly afterwards and Police understand the victim has, at the very least, sustained a head wound [brain tissues found on the bonnet??]” police said.

“We’ve checked with all of the hospitals and are making other enquiries, however at this point we still don’t know who this person is. The information we have is that the victim is possibly a young, dark-skinned woman with long dark hair. There could be any number of reasons as to why that person hasn’t come forward or sought medical help, but we’d encourage them to make contact with us as soon as possible, or tell an adult or friend about what has happened” says Det. Sgt. Blackman.

Yet another unexplained death in Auckland after corpse found at primary school
Police investigating the discovery of a man’s body at St Mary’s Catholic School in Great North Rd, Avondale, at about 11am this morning are treating the death as “unexplained.”

One person killed, another seriously injured
Monday 30 March 2015. One person was killed in a two car crash on State Highway 33 at Paengaroa .
The drivers of both cars were trapped in their vehicles when emergency services arrived at the crash.
Police said one person died at the scene and the other had leg and chest injuries and was being cut from the wreck by the Fire Service.

Inspector Clifford Paxton said it was the sixth fatal crash on Western Bay of Plenty roads this year.
Mr Paxton said the man was travelling west on State Highway 33 and was the only occupant of the car.
Another man, travelling east in the other car, was cut from the wreckage after the two cars collided and taken to Tauranga Hospital with serious injuries.

Man killed in Canterbury crash
A man injured in a serious crash between a car and a truck in South Canterbury this afternoon has died in an ambulance on the way to hospital.
Police said the crashed occurred on State Highway 1 south of the Rangitata Rd bridge, north of Orari, about 2pm. http://www.stuff.co.nz/timaru-herald/news/67543114/man-killed-in-canterbury-crash

Motorcyclist found dead in Northland ditch
Monday 30 March 2015. Police are puzzled by events that lead to the death of a man who came off his motorcycle north of Whanagrei this morning. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11425247

Who killed Sofia Helen Athanassiou, 39 ?
Mystery surrounds what caused the death of a Wellington woman, whose body was found near a walking track in the town belt on Mt Victoria in mid-winter 2012.
A coroner’s investigation was unable to determine a cause of death for Sofia Helen Athanassiou, 39, a sickness beneficiary, who died alone in bush above Wellington East Girls’ College on July 9, 2012.

Truck driver in a critical condition after crash
A single vehicle crash on Southern Motorway (Auckland) in the vicinity of the Redoubt Road off-ramp involving a truck that collided with several lamp-poles on the left edge of the motorway, left the male driver in a critical condition.

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