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No apologies to the dead who didn’t make it to NZ road kill list

Posted by te2ataria on May 25, 2015

Weekend reported fatalities bring road toll to at least 134

At least two more motorists were killed on our death roads during the weekend, a 22-year-old male in Hawke’s Bay on Friday night, and another in a collision on the West Coast on Sunday afternoon.

The latest reported fatalities bring the reported road toll for the year to date to 134. Only (!) 122 road deaths were reported at the same time last year, said the Ministry of Transport.

Fatal crashes year to date

  • As at 25 May 2015: 118 (resulting in 134 fatalities)
  • Same time last year: 114 (resulting in 122 fatalities)

The Ministry has made NO apologies to the dead whose details were excluded from the official road kill list.

More doctored figures are available at the Ministry’s websites

Average social cost per injury and per crash [from http://www.transport.govt.nz%5D

Updated value of statistical life:  $3.95 million per fatality (June 2014 prices)
Cost per fatality including other social cost components: $3,981,700.

Non-fatal injuries

  • Updated average social cost:  $419,300 per serious injury and $22,400 per minor injury.

Updated average social cost in ” per-crash terms” :

  • $4,582,600 per fatal crash,
  • $485,000 per serious crash,
  • $27,500 per minor crash (or $857,000 per reported serious crash and $90,000 per reported minor crash, after considering reporting rate adjustment).  

Total social cost of road injury crashes in 2013

Total social cost of motor vehicle injury crashes in 2013 estimate:  $3.14 billion (June 2014 prices). “Loss of life and/or life quality due to permanent impairments accounted for approximately 91 percent of the total social cost of injury crashes. Vehicle damage accounted for around five percent, and other cost components made up the remaining four percent.”

  • Estimated 204,470 non-injury crashes, valued at a further $0.6 billion were also reported.
  • The total social cost of all motor vehicle crashes in 2013 was estimated at $3.73 billion.

Social cost of road crashes and injuries 2014 update [PDF, 734 KB]

Readers will have noted that the statistics do not include number of road victims who are  seriously/critically injured, or the subsequent deaths from those injuries.

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