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What about strong links between John Key and the Wall Street Mafia?

Posted by te2ataria on June 29, 2015

Links between Key and the Wall Street Mafia don’t make news because the media isn’t owned by the Italian Mafia

We have long suspected strong links between the banking mafia and the “prime mini-assassin” John Key, but that will never be investigated or make news headlines because the media is owned by another, much bigger criminal super-organisation, the Wall Street mafia!

However, the news of Australian politicians being “linked” to the Calabrian mafia is fair facts, according to an investigation by Fairfax Media-ABC Four Corners.

Mafia ‘linked to senior Australian politicians’

Australian politicians have been infiltrated by the Calabrian mafia, according to an investigation by Fairfax Media-ABC Four Corners.

It says politicians at both state and federal level are exposed to “potential corruption” with “loopholes” in the political donation system.

The year-long investigation quoted confidential police reports.

The Calabrian Mafia, known as ‘Ndrangheta, runs a drugs and extortion business worth billions of euros.

It is is one of the world’s most powerful criminal groups, extending its influence and networks from Italy across the world.

According to Australia’s national broadcaster ABC, the group operates in Australia using threats and violence in both legitimate businesses, such as fruit and vegetables, and illegitimate businesses, such as drugs.

‘Mafia-linked donors’

The joint investigation by ABC’s Four Corners programme and Fairfax Media found a number of contacts between “known and suspected criminals” belonging to the group and senior politicians.

The report says a man with “deep mafia associations” met the then-Prime Minister, John Howard, and other top party officials at a fundraising event for the Liberal Party in the early 2000s. However, it says there was no suggestion that Mr Howard knew of the man’s alleged criminal links.

It also said that both Labor and Liberal politicians had been lobbied by mafia-linked donors on issues of interest to their legitimate and non-legitimate businesses.

According to the 2013 police report, ‘Ndrangheta had used a number of well-known party donors to put a “legitimate public face” on its activities.

One lobbying campaign, the investigation reported, was aimed at obtaining a visa for a mafia boss who was later jailed for drug trafficking and implicated in a murder plot.

Meanwhile, the investigation discovered that the son of “another alleged mafia boss” did a work experience placement at the Australian embassy in Rome, which was described in one police report as “a major lapse”.

The ‘Ndrangheta, which emerged in the mid-1970s, operates mostly across Europe and has links with the Colombian drug cartels. [Remember, the Scar Face?]

Cocaine [this is the real reason why it’s illegal]  is thought to be its biggest source of revenue, along with extortion and money laundering. [In case you’re wondering, they don’t use washing machines to launder money, they use the major banks. ANZ and Westpac readily come to mind, but that doesn’t mean they are involved in money laundering!]

Now, remember children, the chances of you becoming a multimillionaire in one lifetime without the help of a criminal organisation such as the “Wall Street mafia”, “Calabrian mafia”, “Silicone Valley mafia” … are about zero to none!

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