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Slovakian man assassinated by NZ police

Posted by te2ataria on August 3, 2015

NZ police murders another foreigner

Slovakian national David Cerven, 21, was shot dead by Police assassins in Myers Park, Auckland, Sunday evening at about 7.45pm.

The victim came to New Zealand in March this year, police said.

Police have alleged that the victim had robbed a Dairy at knifepoint on Saturday night and that he was a suspect in two earlier robberies at liquor stores over last week.

The blog moderators are advised by “police insiders” that the victim did not carry a firearm and that the police team who assassinated him was fully aware at the time that he had NO firearm in his possession.

police bulettin update on Cerven assassination

posted at https://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/myers-park-update

Auckland City District Commander, Superintendent Richard Chambers has so far failed to provide any evidence that the alleged suspect was indeed carrying a firearm, or how the victim could  have possibly come into possession of one, other than the one police might have planted on him, in a space of a few hours,  immediately after he had allegedly robbed the Dairy at knifepoint on Saturday.

police bulettin on Cerven

posted at https://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/police-looking-locate-david-cerven

The victim could have easily been disarmed by the police. Failing that, the police marksmen could have easily immobilized him by shooting him in the leg, or arm, instead of shooting to kill.

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7 Responses to “Slovakian man assassinated by NZ police”

  1. jack said

    What do you expect the NZ police must do ? wear soft gloves like the British police in England.Police in Aus have been attacked with knives as well.There they do not put up with shit there either.They shoot to kill if you come at them with a knife or you are threatening someone in a shop at knife point.

  2. John C said

    David Cerven was unarmed when police killed him, BUT:
    Key points made available by Coroner Katharine Greig:
    • That Cerven was shot by police officers in Myers Park, Central Auckland on August 2, 2015.
    • That Cerven died as a result of the injuries he sustained when shot.
    •That prior to being shot, Cerven had told attending police he was armed.
    • That after being shot, David Cerven was found to be unarmed. No weapon was found at the scene.
    • That there is currently reasonable cause to believe the death was self-inflicted, though this is In no way a concluded view on the matter./Q]

    Is this euphemism NZ govt style, or are your **$%#”&!)~ coroners on the hard stuff? I don’t see how the murder could have been self-inflicted, if the poor guy was shot by the police. The police sharpshooters using telescopic sights would have been able to determine whether he was armed or NOT!

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