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Another inmate found dead at Auckland prisons

Posted by te2ataria on September 22, 2015

Prisoner found dead (murdered?) in Auckland Prison at Paremoremo

The death is second to occur in two days, and at least the third since August, and follows the murder(?) of a 52-year-old man in Rotorua Police station on Saturday (19 September).

Earlier …

Inmate found dead at Mt Eden prison

In August, another inmate was found dead (murdered?) in his prison cell at Auckland’s Mt Eden Prison, but Department of Corrections said the death wasn’t suspicious even before a semblance of an investigation had been launched.

We are committed to reducing the number of offenders who take their own lives in while in custody,” she Corrections’ northern regional commissioner Jeanette Burns.

“Despite the significant efforts we make, it is incredibly difficult to prevent the actions of someone who is determined to hurt themselves.”

“UK firm Serco has the contract to run Mt Eden prison, but the facility is currently being managed by Corrections after a series of allegations of violence between inmates,” according to a report.

[Spot the inconsistencies underlined by the moderator. GM]

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A total of 16 workers at Serco-run Mt Eden prison have been sacked during the past year.

Labour MP Kelvin Davis said it beggars belief the Corrections Minister didn’t know about alleged prison fight clubs
Labour MP Kelvin Davis has claimed a Mt Eden prisoner Nick Evans died after being thrown from a balcony in an initiation ceremony known as “dropping”.

Convicted murderer Nikki Roper has been hospitalised after “a severe beating.” The prisoner was attacked by two other inmates from the same gang in a yard inside the maximum security section of Auckland Prison at Paremoremo.

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