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Police reluctant to identify foreign victim of racial assault

Posted by te2ataria on November 2, 2015

Foreign worker nearly killed in Auckland assault

A 28 year-old man was taken to Auckland Hospital in a critical condition, following an assault outside a Viaduct bar, police reported on Sunday.

“The victim is a foreign national who is in New Zealand on a work visa,” said Defective Inspector Chris Cahill, Auckland City Police.

“The victim and his friend had been drinking inside the Lenin bar, just off Quay Street. At around 5.20am the victim’s friend was ejected from the bar and the pair were outside. The assault occurred shortly after.

“The victim was punched to the ground by one man, and Police believe he was then further assaulted by another man.”

The police, afraid of even more negative publicity from yet another racial assault, have so far refused to reveal nationality of the victim.

Body pulled from Auckland Harbour confirmed as Indian Student’s

Just over a week ago, Auckland City Police confirmed the body pulled from Auckland harbour was that of the missing Indian student Mandeep Singh.

Mr Singh, most probably another victim of racial murder, was the nth Indian student to be killed in the Darkland.


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