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Two foreigners badly bashed in New Zealand in three days

Posted by te2ataria on November 7, 2015


For latest example see http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/teenagers-charged-aggravated-robbery

Fate of foreign worker who was near fatally injured in Auckland remains unknown

Victim No. 1

Police have so far refused to release the identity, or at least nationality of the foreign worker who was near-fatally assaulted in Auckland on Sunday, 1 November 2015.

The blog moderators have concluded that the victim was most probably an Indian national who did not survive the racist assault. See below for more details.

Victim No. 2

Turkish tourist injured in ‘senseless’ bashing in New Brighton
Police have arrested three teenagers they believe befriended, then bashed, a Turkish tourist before stealing his phone and wallet. Detective Sergeant Dave Parker said the 27-year-old, who was in New Zealand on a working holiday, met the three teens and was taken to New Brighton beach, in Christchurch, about 7pm Tuesday, 3 November 2015.

Police reluctant to identify foreign victim of racial assault

A 28 year-old man was taken to Auckland Hospital in a critical condition, following an assault outside a Viaduct bar, police reported on Sunday.

“The victim is a foreign national who is in New Zealand on a work visa,” said Defective Inspector Chris Cahill, Auckland City Police.

“The victim and his friend had been drinking inside the Lenin bar, just off Quay Street. At around 5.20am the victim’s friend was ejected from the bar and the pair were outside. The assault occurred shortly after.

“The victim was punched to the ground by one man, and Police believe he was then further assaulted by another man.”

The police, afraid of even more negative publicity from yet another racial assault, have so far refused to reveal nationality of the victim.

Body pulled from Auckland Harbour confirmed as Indian Student’s

Just over a week ago, Auckland City Police confirmed the body pulled from Auckland harbour was that of the missing Indian student Mandeep Singh.

Mr Singh, most probably another victim of racial murder, was the nth Indian student to be killed in the Darkland.



3 Responses to “Two foreigners badly bashed in New Zealand in three days”

  1. kate said

    They’d removed all earlier messages about the Turkish tourist bashing when I checked, but there was also something else wrong with the bulletin, which bothers me.

    • te2ataria said

      The date is wrong. The Turkish tourist was assaulted on 3 November 2015 just two days after the “Indian” tourist was “fatally” injured.
      However, police have changed date of the incident to 13 October, to cause confusion. The truth about extent of violence in New Zealand hurts tourism industry.

      • Carmen said

        You’re absolutely correct.
        on Wednesday, 04 November 2015, NZ Herald reported:

        Teens arrested over alleged assault of tourist

        Police say the victim was taken to the beach where he was assaulted and had his wallet and cell phone stolen.

        Three teens have been arrested after a Turkish visitor was allegedly befriended, bashed and robbed at a Christchurch beach last night.

        The 27-year-old Turkish man, in New Zealand on a working holiday, was allegedly befriended by three teenage males – one aged 19 and two aged 17 – at New Brighton beach, near the pier, at around 7pm yesterday.

        Detective Sergeant David Parker says the victim was taken to the beach where he was assaulted and had his wallet and cell phone stolen.

        The victim suffered multiple cuts, grazes and bruises to his knees, hands, face and head.

        The three teenagers were arrested and charged with aggravated robbery. They are due to appear at Christchurch District Court later this week.

        “The victim has since left the area to take up employment elsewhere in the South Island,” Mr Parker said.

        Mr Parker went on to say, “New Zealand is a safe place to visit and New Zealanders are well known as being friendly, approachable and happy to help anyone no matter where they are from.”
        That, of course, is patently false on all counts.

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