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How “New Zealand would drive Mother Teresa over a cliff”

Posted by te2ataria on November 25, 2015

Some of the best comments posted on Apartheid NZ

Comment by morecynicalthanever posted on July 1, 2010

Let us be fair. New Zealand would drive Mother Teresa over a cliff. They’d sell her some land for a hospice for the dying, make it impossible for her to run it with too much red tape, taxation, miscellaneous acts of larceny and passive-aggression, repossess the property with her equity in it, make it available at a reasonable price to a friend of the agent, then deny her permanent residency because she was too old and boot her back out to Calcutta, minus her habit and any spare coins she may have had jingling in the pockets thereof.

And it’s not even their land. Ha!

Background Story:

New Zealand Drove Scotsman to Insanity

Posted on July 14, 2009

How Life in Blackball, New Zealand, Drove Scotsman to Insanity

Meet Peter Lamont, the Butcher of Blackball.

Peter Lamont
Peter Lamont, driven to insanity, butchered his wife. Photo: Greymouth Star. Image may be subject to copyright.

Peter was an ordinary Scotsman, that’s until he arrived in the poxy, coalmining town of Blackball, New Zealand—population: 370 – 1.

That’s right. 370 – 1 tormented ‘ghosts.’ The missing one is Peter’s 49-year-old wife Lindsay Jane Lamont. Peter mutilated her body with a butcher’s efficiency!

jj said

December 1, 2009 . I imagine he had problems socially integrating in a remote rural town like that. He may have taken out one of those famous 15-ton mortgages for a freezing coal miner’s shack, and did not have the financial problems of the previous owner for that reason. Kiwis have a different work ethic. It would be easy to understand how the Scots people did not settle. Very sad. So many migrants are lured down here by irresponsible public relations campaigns. The casualties will no doubt continue until they front up about what Godzone is really like. Kiwis are gormless about how good life is outside of this island.


earlybird said

December 5, 2010 . The vibe of New Zealand is eerie. It seems dead when you first try to tune into it. That is just the surface though. So many repressed and wound-up angry stressed people not expressing anything or putting anything out into the air, and if you can’t zip your lip, toughen up and stop yourself from bursting you will go over the edge. I was not surprised to have a few medical personnel tell me a lot of migrants who could not leave ended up taking anti-depressants to cope. It takes all your effort to fit in, if you have not been brought up to it. I have found they all march to some kind of common script I could never follow or learn in which there is only one thing to say in any given situation, and if you don’t say “exactly that”, you are immediately identified as a dangerous outsider because they don’t understand how to relate to you. It is too much effort. I’d have to shove every bit of personality I have down into my shoes, and I still couldn’t do it. I would rather be alone! And I live in a place where there is a wee bit more diversity than usual, too. New Zealand is…Rhoda Penmark!

Life Sentence – to serve 14-and-a-half years
Peter Lamont will spend a minimum of 14-and-a-half years behind bars after being imprisoned for life in 2010 for murdering his wife Lindsay in their Ikamatua home a year earlier.

Lamont was drunk when he killed his wife, and later tried to commit suicide by sleeping with the car running in his garage after realising what he had done when he returned to the house and discovered the body the next morning.

“He drove 50km to Greymouth to buy a burger from McDonald’s, then bought some clothesline, which he used in an attempt to hang himself, but the rope stretched.” http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10694738

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