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Thousands reported being assaulted by strangers in NZ each year

Posted by te2ataria on November 26, 2015

Wellington assault victim had three plates inserted in his face

At least 141 people reported being assaulted by strangers in Wellington in the year to August 2015. In comparison 87 were assaulted in the Hutt Valley, 27 in the Wairarapa, and 45 in the Kapiti-Mana area, said a report. The national total was not reported, but based on the above the number would be about 2,500 people this year.

This follows the [racially-motivated] attack on Tony Winitana, a 19-year-old Wellington design student, which left him severely injured.

Winitana was attacked by a group of strangers earlier this month. “[He] needed surgery on his broken jaw and has had three plates inserted in his face as a result of the beating by two of the group, which has left him unable to eat solid food, and forced him to take a week off work,” according to a report.

“We just walked into the wrong group,” Winitana says. “I guess I said a couple of things that might have ticked them off, but I was told by the police that didn’t give them any reason to assault me.” Photo Credit: ROSS GIBLIN/FAIRFAX NZ

Police told French victim they would not investigate without a Kiwi contact number

Just days after hitting Kiwi soil, Frenchman Anthony Cressend was attacked by strangers at a Northland campsite – left battered and bleeding on the ground with a thrice-broken jaw and kicked-in teeth.  Police told him they would not investigate without a Kiwi contact number.

Anthony Cressend (front), Thony Collomb and Emily Holloway are trying to stay positive but are shocked by the attack. Photo / Greg Bowker

Irish visitors [also] fair game

Police say they are investigating a [serious] assault in which four Irishmen were attacked and injured on a city street in Invercargill, in December 2010.

Robbie O’Brien
Robbie O’Brien, 31, was attacked by a group of muggers in Westport, New Zealand in a separate incident. He suffered cuts to his face and needed hospital treatment.

Six English and Dutch Tourists Injured in Knife Attack

Eight English and Dutch tourists, including two women, while walking through a shopping mall in the center of Christchurch on Saturday, were attacked by five knife-wielding New Zealanders in their late teens to early 20s. Six of the tourists were stabbed and required hospital treatment, one with critical injuries.

English Tourist Raped in New Zealand: Good Morning Miss. Will You Pay Cash or by Credit Card?

A 27-year-old English tourist was seriously sexually assaulted [syn: RAPED] while walking at a beauty spot (!) near Bay of Islands. The victim was dragged from the track and raped by a white male in his mid to late 30s.

The latest rape incident occurred in the same place where a honeymooning Dutch couple were viciously attacked over a year ago. The Dutch couple were tied up; the bride was raped by the attackers, while her husband was made to wstch, and the couple were later forced to withdraw money from an ATM to pay the rapists.

One Response to “Thousands reported being assaulted by strangers in NZ each year”

  1. Charles Franklin said

    I am telling my pals here in the United States to read your blog. The myth that New Zealand is safe, and violence- free, needs to be addressed. With some reality. Your blog is the one that I talk about on Facebook. Keep telling the truth. We need you. Regards.

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