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Even Klingons couldn’t be this reckless

Posted by te2ataria on December 4, 2015

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Two vehicles ‘disintegrated’ in Hellensville crash; cyclist almost killed  in separate collision

Three people have been injured, on of them critically, in a dramatic collision State Highway 16, near Helensville in Auckland. The crash left both vehicles “totally disintegrated,” with the engine of one car ripped out and thrown about 100m away, said a witness.

Cyclist almost killed in Highland Park crash

The Helensville crash followed another serious incident south of the city in Highland Park, where a female cyclist who was walking with her bike was hit by a white SUV. She was then thrown into the path of another car vehicle. The SUV fled the scene. The cyclist has sustained critical injuries.

Recent road-murders, injuries and mayhem

  • A Chinese couple who had been married for 40 years were tragically torn apart by an unlicensed driver who fell asleep at the wheel, a court has heard.  Jie Zheng Chen and his wife, Jie Wu, came to New Zealand with a view to moving permanently, but on February 9 a walk through Royal Oak abruptly changed that.

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