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Another carmageddon on NZ roads is followed by news blackout

Posted by te2ataria on December 19, 2015

Dozens of crashes leave 3 to 8 people dead more than a dozen injured

As of midday Friday, at least three people had been road-murdered, and 10 others injured, some of them critically, in 23 smashes after crash spree carnage, according to a report. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/75253551/two-dead-10-injured-in-23-smashes-after-crash-spree-carnage

Waikato police spoke of a morning of carnage on the roads with at least 17 crashes in the region  between 4am and 1pm Friday.

“The three fatal crashes pushed the country’s road toll for 2015 up to 310 – 31 higher than for the same time last year.” [The figures for both years have most probably been doctored. Moderator M.]

The scene of the accident in Koromatua Road near Hamilton. Photo / Belinda Feek

Then came the news blackout!

The news blackout has so far lasted for more than 28 hours, as of writing. There have been no additional reporting of crashes, road deaths or injuries during the blackout.

5 Responses to “Another carmageddon on NZ roads is followed by news blackout”

  1. Tectonic Taniwha said

    [Do you have a link to the portrait of child’s grandfather? Moderator M.]

    • Tectonic Taniwha said

      https://www.facebook.com/alanwatsonmagic (see the two demons on the guy’s shoulder). I think the message is loud and clear to those who can hear…my dad and i would love to chat sometime, I can show you a pattern of ritual sacrifices going back to about 1900 in particular and the plot to poison paradise with, not 1080, but ARSENIC! Yesiree, the one that they all point away from. Did you know South Korea has the world’s worst incidence of Autism, and the highest consumption of MSG and Arsenic. As for the sacrifices and why they have ramped up in recent times, my Dad can fill you in on that.

    • Tectonic Taniwha said

      [Please resubmit including links to Olivia R story. Moderator M.]

      • Tectonic Taniwha said

        I have some info probably best sent by mail or by email – did you lose the info I sent you are what? I did not save anything except for the pics of the boat. I have found some very disturbing corollaries with the deaths over Yule and the Royal Family and probably Nicholas Rothschild. If you want the pics, give me an email address to send them to. Hopefully they will come through – or I can print them off and send you hard copies.

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