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Two more climbers killed in New Zealand’s Mt Cook national park

Posted by te2ataria on January 1, 2016

Two experienced climbers killed believed to be overseas visitors

Two more climbers, believed to be overseas visitors, were killed after falling in New Zealand’s Aoraki/Mount Cook national park.

“The bodies of the experienced pair, who were last heard from via a radio call on 28 December, were found on New Year’s Day at the bottom of a steep face on the eastern slopes of the 3,300m Mount Silberhorn”.

“Recovery at present is not possible due to the amount of debris – rock and ice – falling off the mountain,” said police Area commander Dave Gaskin. “Hopefully later today when the sun leaves the face a recovery operation can be attempted.”  http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jan/01/two-climbers-dead-after-fall-from-peak-in-new-zealands-mt-cook-national-park

More carnage, road-murders and mayhem in New Zealand

One road-murdered and more than 20 injured.  Police have allowed the news of one person killed in a car crash today to be released.

Six people were injured, one with critical injuries, after a crash at Waiotahe on State Highway 2 west of Opotiki, this afternoon.

In another  crash in the same area two people were seriously injured and taken Whakatane Hospital at about midday.

Six more people were injured in Westland after a car crash on State Highway 6 near Ruatapu.

“In the afternoon’s most serious crash, just before 4pm, at least seven people were injured and State Highway 2 was closed near Bombay, south of Auckland”.

In Northland, a crash occurred on State Highway 1 south of Kawakawa. No other data available.

“In Manukau, a car collided with a power pole, bringing power lines down and closing Linwood Rd in Kingseat at 1.40pm”. No other data available.

Four people were seriously injured, two others had moderate injuries, and one had minor injuries. Five of the injured were children.

“The Fire Service was called to free people trapped when a campervan and car crashed north of Thames late this afternoon.”

Several crashes were reported near Nelson. No other data available.

One person was killed and two were injured when a light van crashed near Nelson on the Motueka River bridge. One of the injured had spinal injuries.

The latest fatality brings the holiday death toll to eight, according to the heavily doctored police figures. The provisional road toll for all of last year is 321, again, according to the heavily doctored police figures.  http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11568331

Another foreigner killed by drowning in the bay of Plenty [of Deaths] waterfall

A 29-year-old man, believed to be a foreigner was killed by drowning at a Bay of Plenty waterfall near the Kaiate Falls about 18 kilometres south of Tauranga, according to a report.

Police said the victim’s name would be released once overseas next of kin had been contacted. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/75576923/drowning-at-bay-of-plenty-waterfall

Aussie Road Toll Stats – Victor [Source: Victoria Police]

  • Population of Victoria: About 6 million
  • 257 fatalities in 2015 – up by 8 from last year
  • 108 fatalities were caused by high-risk behaviour like high speed, drug use, alcohol use and abuse
  • 129 deaths in metropolitan Melbourne, up from 126 in 2014 (up two per cent)
  • Men accounted for the majority of those killed (186 compared with 71 women)
  • The 40-49 year-old age bracket saw the biggest increase in lives lost on our roads
  • Pedestrian deaths decreased from 44 to 32 in 2015 (down 27 per cent)
  • October recorded the most fatalities with 28, while September had the least with 14 deaths

One Response to “Two more climbers killed in New Zealand’s Mt Cook national park”

  1. Tectonic Taniwha said

    Two climbers die on 3303mtr Mt Silberhorn,which is at the head of the Fox (FOX = 666) Glacier. JAN. 1: Hag’s Day – honoring the goddess as She Who Transforms. Day of Ishtar ( Inanna, Ashtart, Ashtaroth, Ashtoreth, Anat, Astarte, Anaitgis, Atar, Isis): Goddess of Love & Battle.

    Deaths occur first day of 2016. 666+666+666+6+6+6 = 2016. 7 died 21:11:2015, 9 died on 4:9:2010 at Fox River in a burning cross – from 5th anniversary. of that to Jan 1 is 119 days or 17 weeks. From Fox Glacier 7 to Silberhorn 2 is 1mth 11 days. It is 9 days since 29yr old Oz climber succumbed to injuries SUS-STAINED in 300 metre fall onto Eugene Glacier from the Footstool Peak. Note her name is Nicola – one of a plethora of “accidents” involving people or locales involving the name Nicholas and it’s variants during the period from Jan 6 (Feast Day of St Nicholas, aka Odin, aka Satan) to December 23. Trees also figure prominently – as in Yule and the Celtic month of Trees.

    One of the key ways to identify sacrificial deaths is the wooden, scripted and consistently themed statements by “grieving” parents. Ordinarily, when a child of say 12 dies in tragic circumstances, the parents, particularly the mother, are inconsolable and so deeply grieving that to make the kinds of statements so commonly reported beggars belief – the most common being “no one is to blame”. It was a perfect storm. No one could have foreseen it. The Police are not looking to charge anyone in relation to it. We know he is in a better place.

    I don’t know about you, out as a father, the last thing I would want to do is talk to some Pommie Presstitute propagandist (have you noticed all the Anglish media people of late?).

    29yr old “saintly” NICOLA ANDREWS succumbed to her injuries about the same time as moon rise on the 29th of December in London. She fell on to the Eugenie Glacier. Coincidentally, Princess Eugenie is daughter of Prince Andrew, and a spooky piece of work, as they all are. The 29th is 12 weeks and 1 day or 85 days, both add to 13, before her 26th birthday, 13+13.

    Note that an Aussie soldier died on July 17th, 2014 on Mt Cook, which was Camilla’s 67th birthday – and MH17. Once you get the connection between the sacrifices, Agenda 21, Middle Earth and the One King to fool them all, it begins to make sense.

    I think the next “act” in this play will be a major quake in the Wellington Marlborough region, followed by (another) one in Christchurch. Dr Marx Quigley reckoned it would be up the Hoon Hay Valley, a 7.3. Geological and NUCLEAR Sciences anticipate an 8.4 for the Wairau Valley. He is now at Monash, where Nicola was studying. Other students from Monash seem to loom large in the recent death stats, such as the two on Tekapo.

    Nicola died on the 30th (grade A organs anyone?) 39 days after the Fox Heli crash.(13+13+13), and about the same time as the other two climbers fell to their death on Mt Silberhorn, the 7th highest peak in NZ. The total killed to date in Mt Cook Nat Park currently adds to 13.


    [The ULTIMATE CONSPIRACY THEORY! I allow it because some of the readers might find it amusing. BTW, do you have your own blog? Moderator D.]

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