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Legal expert: police access people’s Facebook accounts “all the time”

Posted by te2ataria on January 12, 2016

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Former police officer charged with accessing a police staffer’s Facebook account

A former Wellington police officer has appeared in court, accused of illegally accessing a Facebook account that did not belong to him.

Legal experts say the prosecution is unusual, with one pointing out that police access people’s Facebook accounts “all the time”, through technology used to fight cyber crime.

Ex-police officer Simon Lindroos appeared in the Wellington District Court on December 22 on a charge of accessing the Facebook account of another police staff member, communications adviser Melissa Weddell, by deception.

Lindross, 30, was charged under the 1961 Crimes Act, as the alleged offence was committed on August 1, three months before the enactment of the new Harmful Digital Communications Act.

The offence is punishable with a maximum of three years in prison.


Simon Lindroos is charged with having “directly accessed a computer system, namely the private Facebook account of Melissa Weddell and thereby by deception and without claim of right obtained benefit, namely access, to the private account of Melissa Weddell”. http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/wellington/75787426/Former-policeman-charged-with-accessing-Facebook-account-by-deception


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