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What kiwi schools don’t teach: true democracy!

Posted by te2ataria on January 23, 2016

True democracy means not having to go to prison because you can’t pay back student loans!

Note to kiwi teachers: The system is rigged and therefore undemocratic when a tiny fraction of people own 99.9% of the wealth, while the rest of the population have to fear prison because they cannot pay back student loans.

‘Kiwis abroad fear returning to NZ’

New Zealanders who live abroad are worried they might go to jail if they come back to the country because of unpaid student loans.

A Cook Islands math teacher was detained at Auckland Airport on Monday after owing $22,000 to the Inland Revenue Department.

When a bankster is also the prime minister:

A 38-year-old New Zealand man currently living in the Middle East, who did not wish to be named, said he made compulsory repayments when he was in the country, but hasn’t made any since he left 13 years ago.

“First of all I was broke. I worked for free just trying to get a break. Once I got a break, I started earning enough to live on, but not enough to save or pay off any debts.”

“Also, New Zealand seems so far away from here. It’s like another world. You leave it behind.”

The last time he saw his loan balance it was around $80,000. He doesn’t know how much his student loan is now but says, “In my mind it’s eleven million dollars”.

He hasn’t heard from IRD directly, but said the department contacted his mother, coincidentally just after she was diagnosed with cancer.

There are 111,000 borrowers overseas, with about 70 percent of them defaulting [unable to pay back?] on their loans, according to the report.




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