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Average 2.2 people are killed on NZ roads each day

Posted by te2ataria on February 13, 2016

Foreword: Another thing we grow up learning in New Zealand is that police have the ultimate say in all matters of life and death! Oh, and all other branches of authority are an extension of the police force. Finally, we are told this is called a ‘workable democracy’. Baaa…

But how many road fatalities get reported?

Preferably, fewer per 100,000 of the population than reported in Australia.

As for serious injuries, an average of 8.5 people are seriously injured on our death roads each day.

Now, back to the drip news…

Two drivers and an unborn baby killed after early morning head-on collision south of Whanganui

Emily Hurley, 20, and her unborn baby, as well as Albert Noel Burns, 47, driver of the other vehicle, were killed in the head-on collision south of Whanganui, early this morning.

“The three injured people were severely trapped in one of the vehicles and hydraulic cutting equipment was used to get them out,” police said.

RIP. Emily Hurley, 20 and her unborn baby, as well as Albert Noel Burns, 47, were killed in a violent crash this morning. Three others, including Emily’s partner, were seriously injured.

Other news…

Woman’s body recovered near Whitewash Head [in one tsunami-Sumner]
A woman’s body has been recovered from the water near Christchurch’s Sumner Beach. The first thing police said? “The death was not suspicious.”

Police launch homicide inquiry after woman’s death in Hamilton

Christchurch man charged with manslaughter of Simon Prue, 41
A 36-year-old Christchurch man had been charged after Prue’s body was found on the banks of the Heathcote River late on Friday.

German hitch-hiker robbed by man who picked him up
German hitch-hiker Jan-Paul Fajta, 22, who had his belongings stolen by the person who gave him a ride says he no longer believes New Zealand is a safe country.  [Idiot! He should consider himself lucky for not being raped, or killed.]

He was picked up by a middle-aged man in a white Honda near Timaru and given a ride to Oamaru.http://www.stuff.co.nz/timaru-herald/news/76808519/german-hitchhikers-belongings-stolen-by-man-who-picked-him-up.html

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