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Yet another NZ coroner blames victims for presumed deaths

Posted by te2ataria on February 15, 2016

Three Germans [presumably] drowned in Foveaux Strait due to “skipper’s inexperience,” says coroner

An inquest was held in Invercargill before coroner David Crerar in November 2015, whose findings [compliant with the good-old kiwi tradition of blaming the victims] were released on Monday.

Crerar found, “there was sufficient physical information and circumstantial evidence to conclude the Munetra sank in Foveaux Strait, probably on April 16, 2014.”

Three German nationals, Andre Kinzler, 33, Veronika Steudler, and Lea Tietz, both 19, sailed from Bluff Harbour on Kinzler’s yacht Munetra on April 16, 2014.

They were reported missing on April 24 by another German woman, a friend of Steudler and Tietz, after they failed to return to Bluff at the agreed time on April 22.

“Despite the discovery of a squab at Pahia, near Monkey Island, western Southland, and a life raft at Flour Cask Bay, Stewart Island, no further debris relating to the yacht or the three people on board has ever been found.”

“The evidence [something we missed?] available to my inquiry satisfies me that each of Andre Kinzler, Veronika Steudler, and Lea Tietz died of drowning,” Crerar said in his findings.

Kinzler was an inexperienced yachtsman, the coroner said.

“Such skills as he [Kinzler] had as skipper of the Munetra were self-taught from the internet, although he may have learned some sailing techniques from the French sailors in the company of whom he attempted to sail the Munetra to Preservation Inlet [on a previous occasion].” http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/76887941/skippers-inexperience-lack-of-communication-possibly-contributed-to-foveaux-strait-drownings-coroner-finds

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