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another mystery roadkill in Godzone

Posted by te2ataria on April 3, 2016

Teenage girl found dead on Waikato road

The 17-year-old’s body was reportedly discovered by other party goers on State Highway 3, Main Rd, at the northern end of Otorohanga.

What’s wrong with this report?

“Detective Senior Sergeant Ross Patterson said Police were keeping an open mind as to how the young woman came to be at the roadside, after her body was discovered about 6.30am,” according to police report.

Enter Denise Johnson, who lives immediately opposite the crash scene and said she heard the crash around 4am and went to investigate. [Her son Logan Wright was killed in a three-car crash near Te Kuiti in January.]

“It was a dark four-door sedan, like a Commodore or something,” she said.

“It was obviously a young person driving from the sound of his voice. There was a girl in the car with him, but he was doing all the yelling.

“It looks like it’s just another day in Otorohanga where speed and stupidity takes the life of an innocent person … my heart sincerely goes out to this girl’s mum and dad.”

Aucklander Pare Te Wao, who attended the Main Road party, said one of her nephews attempted to contact the police about a crash on the Main Rd about 4am.

When no response appeared forthcoming, he went to the Otorohonga Police Station, which was still closed.

Another witness said they saw a lone police car at the scene about 4.45am as they drove through town. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/78495494/Teenage-girl-found-dead-on-Waikato-road

Meanwhile, Otorohanga mayor Max Baxter said he was crossing his fingers there was no foul play involved.

Who discovered the body first? Nearby resident Denise Johnson, at 4am? Aucklander Pare Te Wao, at 4am? Or other party goers on State Highway 3, at about 6.30am?

Other reported Deadly Crashes Today:

Fatal crash in North Canterbury

A man was killed after a car crash on State Highway One, near Conway River, in North Canterbury at about 2.30am this morning.

Other News in Drips…

Ex-cop takes legal action against police
“A former cop who was acquitted of sexually assaulting his children’s babysitter is taking legal action against police. He has filed charging documents for the private prosecution in the Christchurch District Court.”

The plaintiff, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is naming Superintendent David Cliff – a former Canterbury District Commander, and “highly respected police officer who became the face of the earthquakes – as the defendant.”

3 Responses to “another mystery roadkill in Godzone”

  1. Charles Franklin said

    Does New Zealand have a large, refrigerated warehouse to store all these poor people that die on New Zealand roads? Why would any tourist want to drive around in the “Deadzone”? The “drivers education” classes down there must be non- existent. Regards.

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