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What do they put in Hamilton water supply?

Posted by te2ataria on April 8, 2016

Sent by a reader in Bay of Plenty (!)

What is it that makes New Zealand teachers so horny?

Hamilton high school teacher gives student blow job

A female high school teacher has reportedly resigned from her job at a Hamilton high school after “allegedly performing oral sex on a senior student.”

“BAD TEACHERS” [Tip of the Iceberg]

“The Waikato has had several cases of sexual misconduct by teachers in recent years.

“Former teacher Kelsey Rebekah Allen had a three-month sexual relationship with an 18-year-old student in 2014 while she was a physical education and health teacher at Morrinsville College. She lost her teaching registration.

“Melanie Hendriks was stood down from her drama teacher position at St John’s College in Hamilton in November 2014 after striking up a sexual relationship with two teenage students at the all-boys school. She lost her teaching registration.

“Also in 2014, former South Waikato assistant principal Rueben James Parinui Tapara was sentenced to seven years in jail after pleading guilty to 10 charges of sexually abusing boys and one charge of selling/ supplying cannabis.

“And in 2013 Turaki School teacher David Robert Ballantyne was charged with indecent assault of boys he met through church – he later pleaded guilty to one charge and was found guilty of another.” http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/education/78576409/Hamilton-female-high-school-teacher-engaged-in-sex-act-with-student

Unrelated News:  New Zealand spider species has the fastest jaw in the world: new research

Today’s police quota for road fatality news…

Woman in serious condition after losing control of car
A woman was flown to hospital in a serious condition after a car crash at Mangatawhiri in Waikato this morning.

Victim of Taupo fatal crash named
Police have named the man killed in a car crash north of Taupo Thursday night.  He was Ivor Martin Plumstead, who lived in Taupo. Two other people suffered serious (!) injuries in the crash.

Motor vehicle crash in Lorneville, Invercargill

Rider killed in  motorcycle crash north of Auckland
A man was killed after a motorcycle crash near Dairy Flat, north of Auckland on Wednesday.

DAY 113 of the latest TOURISTS or truth? campaign in NZ

To protect the tourism industry, about two-thirds of the road fatalities in New Zealand go unreported by our political police, and unrecorded by Ministry of Transport [“Minitru”.]

doctored road toll nz 8-4-16


  • Blog estimate: About 900 people are killed on NZ roads each year. [Most probably] up to 243 road fatalities have occurred in NZ since 1 January 2016.

Serious Road Crashes

Based even on the government’s doctored data, an average of 25 crashes occur on NZ roads each day, resulting in 31 reportable injuries including 14 hospitalizations (8 serious injuries) and at least one fatality.

That is 525 crashes since March 18, resulting in 651 reportable injuries including 294 hospitalizations (168 serious injuries), and at least 21 fatalities.

However, no more than about 25 serious crashes have been reported over this period.

What happened to the remaining 500 or so crashes over the past 21 days???

[Heavily Doctored] Motor Vehicle Crashes in New Zealand 2014

  • 268 fatal road crashes
  • 295 deaths
  • 8,614 injury crashes
  • 11,219 people injured

In 2005 there were:

  • 405 deaths
  • 2,531 serious injuries
  • 11,920 less serious injuries

In 2002, according to the official data, there were:

  • 404 deaths
  • 5,200 hospitalisations
  • 14,000 injuries
  • 1.5 deaths per 10,000 vehicles
  • 10 deaths per 100,000 population
  • The cost to the taxpayers was more than $3.5 billion.

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