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Lethal injection for the vicious dogs…

Posted by te2ataria on April 10, 2016

Sent by a reader in Auckland

Mandatory five-year prison terms for the sociopathic dog owners!

Why isn’t the state protecting the people against the sociopathic dog owners?

There are more killer dogs per capita in New Zealand that in any other of OECD’s 34 countries. More people are attacked, bitten and mauled by vicious dogs in New Zealand than in any other OECD country.

Elderly woman injured in dog attack in Christchurch [April 10 2016]
A 72-year-old woman set upon by a dog while cycling near her Christchurch home received no help from the dog’s owner, her friend says. The 72-year-old woman had to undergo surgery, including a skin graft that transferred skin from her left thigh to the site of the wound on her left shin. http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/78749303/elderly-woman-injured-in-dog-attack-in-christchurch

Child seriously injured in dog attack [April 9 2016]
“My partner just broke down when she saw the blood. She was yelling ‘he’s going to die’.”

Manukau couple injured in vicious dog attack
Helmut and Veronica Rudolph may never fully recover from injuries they sustained when attacked by a large dog in Manuku. The dog had caught up to her, biting her thigh and the side of her neck. “I could hear it ripping and I knew that wasn’t a good thing,” she says.

Man savaged by pitbull neapolitan mastiff cross  [January 22, 2016]
McLean’s daytrip to Palmerston North turned into more than a week lying in a hospital bed after he was set upon by a pitbull neapolitan mastiff cross.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/manawatu-standard/news/76170184/Dog-attack-victim-saved-by-unusual-tactic

Porirua woman savaged in New Year’s Day dog attack [January 5, 2016]
Olga Afanassieva was walking to the bus stop, when two vicious dogs attacked and dragged her to the ground. She thought she was a goner, but she survived to relive the nightmare.

Paltry fines, community work for owners after double Hawke’s Bay dog attack
“… the first victim, aged 37, was running along Whirinaki beach when the dogs circled her and began barking. They jumped at her, biting her back and shoulder. She turned and ran towards State Highway 2. The animals pulled her to the ground and continued the attack for several minutes until a car pulled over and the driver tooted the horn to scare the dogs. The second victim, aged 36, was walking along a nearby road when the dogs circled her at 3.15pm. She jumped a fence to escape, but one of the dogs followed and jumped at her, biting her arm. The first victim was unable to work for five days and the second required surgery and was off work for a month.” http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/76483364/fines-community-work-for-owners-after-double-hawkes-bay-dog-attack.html

James Clarke 27, Kayla Bremner 23, and Belinda Vearer, 46, were sentenced in the Napier court in relation to two separate attacks by their three dogs. Image Credit: JOHN COWPLAND/FAIRFAX NZ

Victims of dog attack near Napier remain traumatised

Injuries suffered by a woman in her sixties. She was the second of two women to be attacked by a group of three dogs in Hastings in October. But Kayla Bremner, 23, the owner of “Rascal”, one of the dogs involved in the attacks, has refused to surrender her killer pooch.

Whakatane dog attack claims another bird in country’s ‘kiwi capital’ [April 6, 2016]
The dead chick named Mackie was the focus of the New Year celebration at Ohope Beach School on January 9 attended by about 200 people.
In theory: “Kiwi are protected under the Wildlife Act 1953. Dog owners can [but never do] face prosecution under the act of up to $50,000 or a prison sentence if it is proven that their dog has harmed kiwi or any other native wildlife.”


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