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“Sudden deaths” of four 15-year-olds: Bullying and abuse on social media

Posted by te2ataria on May 11, 2016

Welcome to the pits of the “developed world”

True or False?

A coroner has ruled domestic violence and online bullying were major factors in four  youth suicides in the Hawke’s Bay suburb of Flaxmere.

Coroner Carla na Nagara said one striking feature of each case was that all girls had been exposed to domestic violence and each girl was the victim of bullying and abuse on social media. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11637352

Murder-Mystery [Unexplained Deaths]

The body found in Buller River near Murchison has been identified as that of missing woman Rachel Stokes, police said.

As usual, there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death, police added.

Ms Stokes car was found crashed near Kawatiri Junction, southwest of Nelson on State Highway 6 on Friday.

Vicious Dog Attacks

Baby girl bitten in Dunedin dog attack taken to hospital with serious injuries

A baby girl attacked by a dog at a Dunedin home has been taken to hospital with serious injuries on Wednesday.  The council declined to comment on the dog’s breed.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/79878757/Baby-girl-bitten-in-Dunedin-dog-attack-taken-to-hospital-with-serious-injuries

Dogs attack boy in school grounds in Auckland

An eight-year-old boy was attacked by two dogs in the grounds of his Edmonton Primary School in Te Atatu, West Auckland. The boy was attacked by two German shepherd dogs and  suffered a large scratch across his left shoulder, Animal Management manager  said. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/79810212/dogs-attack-boy-at-edmonton-primary-schoo

Fatal and Near-Fatal Police Chases

Three people, suspected of being burglars, are described as being in a serious condition after their car crashed in a police chase. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/trio-crashed-trying-avoid-spike-strips-may-linked-home-invasion

Other News in Drips…

Are New Zealand drivers the worst in the world at parking  [TOO] ?

It’s been suggested that we’re a nation of poor parkers  [as well as being the deadliest monster drivers.]  http://www.stuff.co.nz/motoring/79855181/Are-New-Zealand-drivers-the-worst-in-the-world-at-parking

Car ‘driven with vice grips’ crashes in Tauranga

A car being driven with vice grips for a steering wheel has smashed into another vehicle in Tauranga. [The driver was suspected of having dog-pile for a brain.] http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/79886861/Car-driven-with-vice-grips-crashes-in-Tauranga

Police blame bee sting for fatal milk tanker crash in Tasman

A bee sting may have contributed to a fatal crash of a Fonterra milk tanker, in the Tasman district, police said, naming the tanker driver who was killed in the incident as 47-year-old Eric Heath from Timaru. He worked at Fonterra’s Clandeboye site in South Canterbury.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/nelson-mail/news/79833145/milk-tanker-in-accident-near-kawatiri-junction-nelson.html

The State’s Deadly Secrets

Today is DAY 146 of the latest NZ TOURISTS or truth? campaign, AND another blanket ban day on reporting road fatalities

11may2016 nz road toll as doctored by perfi police


Blog estimate: About 900 people are killed on NZ roads each year. [Most probably] up to 335 road fatalities have occurred in NZ since 1 January 2016

How do they do it?


Police warning about fake social media story

“Police are advising the public that a post on Facebook outlining an incident which has left ’11 dead and many injured’ is fake.”

police story

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