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Record meth haul in Northland, but how much is let through?

Posted by te2ataria on June 14, 2016

Submitted by a reader in Meth City

“Record methamphetamine haul in Northland rivals revenues of NZ’s biggest companies”

Those behind a massive haul of methamphetamine, worth nearly half a billion dollars, seized in Northland were running a business the size of a top 50 company.

The $438 million worth of the illicit drug comes close to Auckland International Airport’s revenue last year of $508.5m.

It’s also not too far off casino operator Sky City’s reported revenue for the first half of this year of $513.7m. It is somewhat shy of Fisher and Paykel Healthcare’s 2015 operating revenue of $623.4m.

However the haul beats fast food operator Restaurant Brands’ latest annual sales of $387.6m. Restaurant Brands owns the KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Carls Jr franchises. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/81033787/police-make-record-seizure-of-438-million-of-meth-in-northland

Stop Celebrating

Based on the ever so tiniest fluctuations observed in the street price of meth after each “major bust,” you can easily calculate that for every 1km of the deadly stuff seized, more than 999km are allowed to get through to the suicidal end users [under the protection of authorities.] There’s, of course an ongoing, but one-sided, competition between the “cartel” and non-cartel suppliers. The cartel members have a permanent “advance and collect your money” card, together with “get out of jail free” pass, in case of any inadvertent mistake by police. In a “business” so lucrative nothing is left to chance. Ask the PM. He’s the Key!

Northland Police made the record seizure of methamphetamine in an investigation that started with finding a boat abandoned at 90 Mile Beach.

The seizure outstrips the total combined amount of methamphetamine seized in New Zealand in 2015, which totalled 334kg – and has earned police praise from PM John Key [no doubt.]

So, where does so much drug come from, and where will it go after the photo ops are over? You don’t have to think hard, just follow the money!

“Police were unable to make any comments as to where the methamphetamine came from, not wanting to jeopardise the ongoing investigation [I bet,] but said due to the sheer size of the haul, organised crime was probably somewhere behind it [no shit.]”

Other News in Drips…

Motorcyclist killed in serious crash on Auckland southern motorway
A motorcyclist was killed in a Tuesday morning rush hour crash which temporarily closed Auckland’s southern motorway.  “The fatal accident happened after an earlier crash [also fatal?] on the Southwestern Motorway’s northbound lanes, near Portage Rd.”

Motorcyclist killed in crash on Auckland’s Southern Motorway
A motorcyclist was killed in a collision with a truck. But, this report was dated Monday at
8:45pm by TVNZ.

The State’s other Stinking Secrets

Truth about the daily road carnage would hurt New Zealand’s $10 billion tourism industry…

The NZ TOURISTS or truth? (police censorship of road fatalities) campaign continues…

Blog estimate: About 900 people are killed on NZ roads each year. [Most probably] up to 410 road fatalities have occurred in NZ since 1 January 2016

  • No of road fatalities recorded by Minitru  as of June 10: 154
  • No of road fatalities recorded by Minitru  as of June 14: 154

nz road toll as doctored by police 14jun2016

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