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Yet more filth leaks from Exclusive Brethren

Posted by te2ataria on June 18, 2016

Foreplay: It’s all about having sex with children, stupid!

sent by a reader in child sexual abuse country

Now you know why their women trade their bible for the bottle

Insider Tony McCorkell reveals secrets of the wealthy Christian sect Exclusive Brethren

Members of a wealthy Christian sect are accused of child sexual abuse. Now the man who helped with the cover-up is speaking out.

Late one night, a frightened girl whispered a terrible secret into her mother’s ear. It was about the man in whose house she was living – an elder of the Christian sect to which they all belonged.

But if the girl thought telling her mum would make it stop, she had not reckoned on the power of the Exclusive Brethren. […]

Then, in 2006, to the dismay of much of his family, McCorkell went back. The Brethren had come to public notoriety after it spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to influence the 2004 election in favour of conservative Christian PM John Howard [also believed to be a pedophile -editor.]

A similar scandal unfolded in the 2005 New Zealand, when it emerged the church made donations to then National Party leader Don Brash’s campaign. […]

How common is sexual abuse? It’s impossible to tell. UK-based psychologist Jill Mytton – who was born into the Brethren but left in 1960 when she was 16 – recently surveyed former worldwide members of the Church and found 27 per cent of a large sample of 264 reported being sexually abused as children. […] http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/australia/81207610/insider-tony-mccorkell-reveals-secrets-of-the-wealthy-christian-sect-exclusive-brethren

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