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Police execute second man in Waikato region

Posted by te2ataria on July 13, 2016

FOREWORD: New Zealand “is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”. 

Sent by a reader

Police are executing too many people!

Nicholas Marshall, 36, was executed by armed police during a search of a light commercial property in Frankton, on Tuesday night.

The assassins have alleged that he was armed and on Wednesday morning a pump-action shotgun and a live cartridge were conveniently found at the exact spot (REALLY?) where he had been standing [surprise, surprise!]

Marshall’s father, Nelson Marshall, had earlier confirmed it was his son who was killed.

“The police smashed my son’s door down and shot him dead tonight.”

Marshall said his son was unarmed when he was shot.

Marshall’s girlfriend, Kendall Eadie, who was present at the time of the shooting, insisted he wasn’t armed.

She said the pair had just been about to have dinner when police stormed into the residence and immediately fired three shots at Marshall.

“The police executed a warrant on my place and murdered my boyfriend,” she said.

“They busted in our front doors, then they announced themselves. They forced entry and fired shots. That was that.

“They didn’t ask my boyfriend to put his hands up, they shot at him three or four times.”

Tuesday night’s assassination was the second murder by police in the Waikato region in just 32 days. Mike Taylor was shot and killed by police at his Karangahake Gorge property near Paeroa on June 11.

His family said Taylor was shot in the back as he walked away from police, but police denied they murdered him.

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