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Warning to all greedy Chinese gobbling up NZ houses

Posted by te2ataria on July 30, 2016

When the NZ property market implodes, you’d be lucky to recover 28 cents on the dollar!

Be smart! Don’t throw away your money! Watch this space.

With that being said…

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce overturns terror convictions

“A clear case of police-manufactured crime“: Judge overturns B.C. terror convictions, rules pair were entrapped by RCMP

“Former Surrey residents John Nuttall and Amanda Korody have had their terrorism convictions overturned for planting inert pressure cooker bombs on the B.C. legislature grounds.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce on Friday confirmed defence arguments the [“unsophisticated”] pair [with addiction problems] were entrapped by a sophisticated, five-month RCMP undercover operation involving more than 240 officers.

“Justice Bruce said the sting was an abuse of process and overturned last year’s guilty verdict that concluded that the couple were manipulated into planting devices during 2013 Canada Day celebrations with the hope of slaughtering as many celebrants and first responders as possible.”

Read the judge’s full decision

[It’s not clear at this stage whether the pair can sue the low-life RCMP maggots for damages.]

To all NZ judges who stand accused of “moral masturbation” in their courtrooms: Shame on you!

Man compensated $5k for wrongful arrest

Overseas readers will note that the chances of receiving money for wrongful arrest in New Zealand is lower than the odds of winning the rigged national lottery.

Better still, challenge MSM to list all wrongful arrests made by police in the last 25 years and the total amount of compensation paid to the victims.

Armed robbers plague Christchurch

Thanks to the totally ineffective police, whose agenda does NOT coincide with protecting the public, armed robbers have plagued Christchurch, as well as other cities across the country.

High rates of child abuse among Maori can be traced back to colonisation, academic says

“Things like smacking children for speaking Te Reo Maori, that came in with the 1867 Native Schools Act, where we began to see a denial of Maori language in schools. So from that point, we began to see generations that are told they can’t speak.

“Colonisation impacts on our children through the removal of every part of our cultural framework that enabled us to keep our children safe. And I think that model of the nuclear family, the domestic unit, is actually an unhealthy model for a culture of people who are used to having a collective relationship.

“Historical trauma caused by colonisation is the root cause of intergenerational issues, particularly child abuse within Maori families,” says Waikato Associate Professor Leonie Pihama.


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