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Five more migrant workers killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on August 2, 2016

Five foreigners killed in Tauranga crash

The five foreigners killed in a crash in Tauranga were workers at the Aongatete Kiwifruit Packhouse.

“The 8 o’clock shift at Aongatete Kiwifruit Packhouse was leaving for the night when a logging truck collided with a car turning right out of Dawsons Rd on to State Highway 2.”

The five victims were seasonal migrant workers who came to New Zealand during the picking season.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/82755406/Five-killed-in-Tauranga-crash-I-went-over-to-the-car-but-no-one-was-moving

Other reported road fatalities this week include:

Far North District Car crash
Monday, 1 August 2016 – One person was killed and a second received injuries in a car crash involving one car on Rawene Rd, near State Highway 12.

Fatal Wairau Valley crash
One person was killed in a crash on State Highway 63, Wairau Valley. No further information was released by police at this time. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/police-attending-fatal-wairau-valley-crash

Woman’s body found on side of Auckland motorway
A 23-year-old woman has been found dead near a motorway off ramp in Auckland.

Two people were killed in serious crash in Tauranga
At least two people were killed following a 5-vehicle crash in Mt Maunganui at 4pm on Friday. Two others are said to be in critical condition with a fifth person sustaining serious injuries (?) http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/82635748/lanes-closed-due-to-serious-crash-in-tauranga

Dead man found in car beside Wellington motorway
Police say they have found a body inside a car stopped on the side of the Wellington motorway, beside State Highway 1, northbound near the Churton Park off ramp at 7.45am on Thursday, police said.


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Safe in New Zealand: At least 500,000 offences were committed last year

Posted by te2ataria on August 2, 2016

Sent by a reader in Crime City [aka, NZ’s Murder Capital]

Violent crimes surging [Even the doctored data looks BAD!]

There were 451,405 offences committed in 2009, compared with 431,381 in 2008 and 426,380 in 2007. [The figures released for subsequent years proved to be far less reliable.]

Based on the surging crime trends, at least 500,00 offences were committed in the year to end June 2016.

  • NZ population: 4,703,824
  • [Population aged between 15 and 60: 2,869,000]
  • No. of crimes committed per 10,000 people: 1,063

Police figure:  24,035 violent crimes in NZ in public places last year(!)

“Auckland city, the largest metropolitan area in New Zealand, has more incidents of assaults, sexual assaults and robberies in public.” However, the homicide figures for 2015 were NOT revealed.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/79704084/New-Zealand-rates-for-assaults-sexual-assaults-and-robberies-in-2015-mapped

There were 3,000 more assaults in 2015-2016 compared to the previous year, said a Labour MP. “That’s a six per cent rise in just 12 months. Serious assaults resulting in injury are up by 4 per cent,” Nash said. http://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/news/82720247/crime-is-on-the-rise-and-the-government-needs-to-take-action-labour-party-says



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