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To whose advantage would a sociopath, insensitive multimillionaire eradicate child poverty?

Posted by te2ataria on October 4, 2016

Sent by a reader in Sewage City [aka, “Wellington”]

PM on measuring and targeting child poverty: “watch my lips!”

[To eliminate poverty, you must redistribute wealth evenly across the “nation.” Do you honestly see the Mammon-worshiping Key, one of the embodiments of Satan in New Zealand, parting with his ill-gotten wealth anytime soon?  –Moderator]

John key has refused to measure and target child poverty, “preferring a model that focuses on particular issues affecting at-risk children, such as rheumatic fever.”

So, a child cannot be said to be living in poverty, unless he is afflicted with rheumatic fever?

NZ PM compares stats on kids in poverty to counting rats!

“it’s more binary in terms of whether there’s a rat, a stoat or a possum there or whether there isn’t because you can understand that”, said the self-declared “smiling assassin.”

Child Poverty in New Zealand

UNICEF: About 305,000 New Zealand children spend their childhoods living in poverty.

[Moderators Notes:
NZ population: 4.72 million.
Age structure changes in year ended 30 June 2016: Children (aged 0–14 years) were 19.6 percent (921,500) of the population at 30 June 2016, according to Statesticals NZ. That makes very nearly 1 in every 3 kids living in poverty.]

New Zealand has the highest rates of inequality among the OECD countries. In 2015, the top 10% of households owned 60% of total wealth, while the bottom 40% held just 3%. European people’s individual net worth was $114,000; Asian people’s $33,000; Māori people’s $23,000; and Pacific people’s individual net worth at under $12,000.

We have about 305,000 children living in poverty and half of them go without basic needs, according to the Office of the Children’s Commissioner. Three out of five children living in poverty, that’s over 183,000 children, are living in “persistent poverty” and will live that way for many years.

Bottom Line?

The shameless assassin, sociopath Key will not set a target to fight child poverty in New Zealand.

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