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Another Kayaker Killed in New Killand

Posted by te2ataria on October 10, 2016

Kayaker drowned in Waitaki River named as Marshall Robert Smith

The kayaker who drowned in Waitaki River yesterday was 32-year-old Marshall Robert Smith, Otago Coastal Police said.  http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/name-release-kayaker-waitaki-river

It is the second tragedy to strike the Kurow rugby club since May 2015, said a report.

“Jarrad Blackler (23), who had just returned to play for the club, died from injuries received in a crash in May last year.”

[Tourist] Killed in Fatal Crash near Wanaka
A driver, believed to be a tourist, was killed in a fatal crash near Wanaka this evening.

Fatal Crash in Matakana
One person was killed in a fatal crash on Matakana Road, west of Matakana, police said.

Tongan Teenager Murdered in South Auckland
An 18-year-old man from South Auckland will appear in the Manukau District Court today charged with common assault in relation to the murder of 19-year-old Tongan man Samiuela Halaifonua in South Auckland early on Saturday (October 8).

Human skull found at Raglan beach
A human skull has washed up on Raglan beach this morning. A police spokeswoman immediately declared that the finding of the skull was NOT suspicious.

Kiwis asked to declare arrests and court appearances before entering US
Retired kiwi judge Roy Wade  has suggested American officials are becoming cynical of New Zealand’s growing use of “discharge without conviction” law.

[Too many kiwis that commit egregious crimes, such as molesting  children, are discharged without conviction because the frigging judges believe conviction may affect their livelihoods.  –Moderator]



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  1. te2ataria said

    The young man who was killed in a fatal crash near Wanaka was Jackson James Aitchison, who lived in Luggate, police said.

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