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Today’s reported casualties on NZ’s Death Roads

Posted by te2ataria on November 28, 2016

Person killed after their car crashed off a bridge

Wairarapa road re-opens after crash
Monday, 28 November 2016 – 7:08pm

Te Ore Ore Bideford Road, Masterton has re-opened following a fatal crash earlier this afternoon.

A person died after their car crashed off a bridge.

Police would like to thank motoristis [sic] for their patience while the diversions were in place.

ENDS  Issued by Police Media Centre  http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/wairarapa-road-re-opens-after-crash

Foreign victims of Kaipara Harbour tragedy have been identified by police as follows:

  1. Auerua Ngametuaangai ARIA| Aged 59 years old |Cook Islander
  2. Taulagi AFAMASAGA, also known as “Lagi”  | Aged 56 years old | Samoan
    Note: Missing, presumed drowned.
  3. Alipate Afeaki MANUMUA, also known as “Pate”|Aged 33 years old| Tongan
  4. Fred MARSTERS, also known as “Freddy”| Aged 58 years old|Cook Islander
  5. Tevita Natisolo TANGI, also known as “David”| Aged 31 years old| Tongan
  6. Fonua Amanu TAUFA, also known as “Nua”| Aged 42 years old| Tongan
  7. Sunia UNGOUNGA| Aged 43 years old| Tongan

Bill McNatty, the skipper of the doomed boat “Francie”, was  also killed.     http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/kaipara-harbour-tragedy-names-and-photos-released

Six people including four children injured, two critically, in head-on crash

“Six people have been injured, two critically, in a head-on collision between a van and a car on State Highway 33, near Okere Falls, north of Rotorua.

“A girl, thought to be about six-years-old, sustained critical head injuries and a woman in her 30s was also in a critical condition.”

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