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Another young Chinese student to leave NZ in a body bag

Posted by te2ataria on January 16, 2017

Foreword:  No one in this country really gives a fuck about the welfare of international students. Once they have been fleeced, they can go jump a lake, or a swimming pool in this case, literally.

More foreign students are killed routinely in NZ than in the rest of the world combined

Young woman found unresponsive in swimming pool has died

Yet another sad ending to a young life in New Zealand! This is wholly unacceptable!

Jingru Su, 23, the young woman who was found unresponsive in a swimming pool at a North Shore property last week has passed away, police said. She  died in hospital Sunday afternoon.

Ms. Jingru was a Chinese national, studying in New Zealand on a student visa.

Other News in Drips…

This, too, must change: Top 1% of NZers own 20% of wealth

The two wealthiest individuals, Graeme Hart and Singapore-based Richard Chandler, own the same amount as the poorest 30 percent in New Zealand. [Somehow the Oxfam figures don’t seem right, with the poorest 30 percent of the nation being worth as much as $10.5 billion. Moderator K.]

“And the richest 1 percent of New Zealanders own [ONLY] 20 percent of wealth, while 90 percent of the population owns less than half of the nation’s wealth, according to Oxfam New Zealand.

Tourists are destroying what’s left of New Zealand

Tourist numbers at ‘tipping point’ on NZ hikes
Tourist numbers in New Zealand are reaching a “tipping point”, spoiling Kiwis’ experience of the great outdoors, say climbing and tramping groups. A record 3.5 million foreign tourists have impacted New Zealand’s ailing ecosystems in the past 12 moths. As for their combined carbon footprint, search blog content for more information.

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