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Kafkaesque ‘justice’ in kiwi courts

Posted by te2ataria on January 17, 2017

Sent by a reader

Man ‘mistakenly’ left in court cells for two nights

‘It was like torture!’

A man was left in the cells of Masterton District Court for two nights at the weekend without food.

“The only question was how long he would spend in a windowless cell with a toilet, a tap, a concrete slab for a bed, and a shoe for a pillow.”

He had no toilet paper, no mattress, and no natural light, reports said.

“One of the things he said was, it was like torture. [There was] no way of knowing how long he would be there or when he would get out,” his barrister Susie Barnes said.

It’s entirely possible that the victim, who has name suppression after pleading guilty to drink-driving, and was being held in the cell while his bail conditions were typed up, was conveniently forgotten and was being extrajudicially punished by police.

Other News in Drips…

Police under strict orders to suppress road fatality reports  –Insiders

More on this later…


Officially Doctored Road Fatality Data. Source (minitru, http://www.transport.govt.nz/research/roadtoll/)

The State’s other Stinking Secrets: Why authorities fiddle the figures for road fatalities

Truth hurts New Zealand’s $10-billion tourism industry. The average tourist would not visit this country, if they knew true extent of the daily carnage on our deadly roads.

Truth about the mayhem would also hurt the massive foreign investment in New Zealand.

[The Stock of total foreign investment in New Zealand was at least NZ$ 322,279 million, excluding confidential amounts funneled through Channel Islands, according to a report posted at https://www.nzte.govt.nz/en/invest/statistics/ ]


To protect the foreign investment, NZ TOURISTS or truth? Campaign (censorship of road fatalities) continues unabated… See blog content for some of the most blatant omissions and statistical resurrections by Ministry of Transport.

How Many Foreigners Killed in NZ Since 2000?

About 4,000 overseas visitors, international students, foreign workers, recent emigrants and refugees have lost their lives and 24,000 others seriously injured in New Zealand since year 2000. [Updated in January 2017]



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