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Will there be another Carrmageddon on NZ death roads this weekend?

Posted by te2ataria on April 21, 2017

Heavily Censored Police Road Fatality Reports:

  • ONLY TWO vehicle-related fatality report allowed by police today, as of posting, despite several known serious crashes.

Officially doctored road toll, as of this morning. Source: http://www.transport.govt.nz/research/roadtoll/


No of road fatalities today that passed the police censorship, but were statistically resurrected  by the Ministry of Transport (Minitru): At least One


Two motorcyclists were killed violently in collision with a tanker north of Tokoroa, today

Two motorcyclists were killed violently in a collision with a tanker at approximately 2:40pm this afternoon, Friday 21 April, 2017, police said. [Was it yet another Fronterra milk tanker?]

The double fatal collision occurred on State Highway One, between the intersections with Rollett Road and Newell Road, Matamata County, South Waikato District.  http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/update-two-fatalities-following-sh-1-crash-north-tokoroa

Waitomo fatal – name release and appeal for information
The man who was killed in a truck crash on Te Anga Road near Waitomo yesterday morning was 56-year-old Albert Frans Devries who lived in Rotorua, police said.

Name release – young man killed in Ranui after being struck by a train
The young man who was struck by a train and killed yesterday morning in Ranui was 16 year-old Keenan Matthes. The victim was out for a run, police said.

Murder Mystery, Negligent Homicide, or Avoidable Death?

Another Dead Woman found in the Water
The body found in the water at Queens Wharf on the Wellington waterfront this morning has now been recovered, police said.

The victim is believed to be a middle aged woman. “The death is being treated as unexplained, but at this stage there appear to be no suspicious circumstances.”

Plagued by police brutality [US stats.]

Deaths of civilians in contact with police
“Deaths of civilians in contact with police have recently gained national public and policy attention. While journalists track police-involved deaths,1 epidemiologic data are incomplete,2,3 and trends in nonfatal injuries, which far outnumber deaths, are poorly understood. The International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification, includes external cause-of-injury codes identifying injuries owing to contact with law enforcement (E970-E978). Using these codes, prior studies have identified 715 118 nonfatal injuries, 3958 hospitalizations, and 3156 deaths between 2003 and 2011 from US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data and the Nationwide Inpatient Sample,4 and 55 400 fatal and nonfatal injuries in 2012 from the Vital Statistics mortality census, Nationwide Inpatient and Emergency Department Samples, and journalists’ reports.5 In this study, we used a nationally representative database to determine whether the incidence of emergency department (ED) visits for injures by law enforcement increased relative to total ED visits from 2006 to 2012. We assessed demographic and clinical characteristics of visits for law enforcement–associated injury.”  https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamasurgery/article-abstract/2619243

What kind of SICK person would do this?

Critically endangered sea lion shot dead in South Island

“A critically endangered native sea lion has been killed by a gunshot wound in the South Island,” said a report citing the Department of Conservation (DOC.)

The male New Zealand sea lion (rapoka), reportedly one of just 10,000 remaining, was found by passersby in Jack’s Bay in the Catlins, near Invercargill.

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ROFL: Air Force helicopters banned from flying over water, mountains and towns!!!

Posted by te2ataria on April 21, 2017

Sent by a reader familiar with government corruption and military procurement fraud

Could the choppers be towed behind trucks, or pulled by horses???

Who stiffed New Zealand Air Force?

The Air Force brass are scratching their balls after one of their NH90 helicopters  was forced to emergency landing near Blenheim on Sunday.

They are still investigating what caused problems to the engine, but decided it wasn’t good news.

They have stopped flights to areas where emergency landings were not possible, including  cities, mountains  and water.

“The fleet of eight NH90s were ordered by the previous [equally corrupt] Labour government for $771 million in 2006,” said a report.

In 2015 the NZD was unable to take any of its NH90 helicopters to the Pacific Islands after Cyclone Pam because they were considered too difficult to transport and were not yet cleared for “island-hopping”.

Photo shows an Air Force NH90 helicopter actually flying in the air. However, the Defence Force said it was clueless what forced Sunday’s emergency landing. Photo: airforce.mil.nz


WHEN the $95-million helicopter is not banned from flying…

“The NH90 is an advanced medium utility helicopter, capable of undertaking a wide variety of roles. It incorporates new and sustainable technologies and represents a substantial improvement on the Iroquois that will provide the NZDF with a contemporary, highly capable and deployable helicopter. The NH90 will be used for frontline military and civil operations.”

Manufactured by:

“The NH90 – developed by Europe’s NHIndustries partnership (Airbus Helicopters, Agusta Westland, and Fokker) – was designed to meet NATO’s requirement [gasp for air!] for a modern medium-sized multi-role military helicopter for both land and maritime operations.” http://www.airbushelicopters.com/website/en/ref/NH90-%28TTH-and-NFH%29_52.html

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