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Tens of of seal pups found mysteriously dead on Kaikoura coastline, Canterbury

Posted by te2ataria on June 2, 2017

The Most Heavily Censored Blog in New Zealand  [Watch Out for the Ceaseless Swarms of Bad Karma Hitting like the Kaikoura Quake, Followed by Immense Tsunamis of… Mister Ingrish!!]


Some of you probably know the answer to the seal pups mystery deaths…

About 40 fur seal pups were found dead on the Kaikoura coastline, at a site just south of Ohau Point today, said a report.


Police Road Fatality Reports [Extreme Censorship is in Effect]

Officially Doctored NZ Road Toll


Doctor pervert found guilty

Is “she” a horny female trapped in a male body?

Former Hastings doctor David Lim was found guilty of stupefaction and performing indecent acts on five of his patients. Photo: JOHN COWPLAND/FAIRFAX NZ

Chinese doctor David Kang Huat Lim, 41, was found guilty of five charges of stupefying and five charges of indecent assault in relation to four of his patients. The jury reached unanimous decisions on all charges.


Proudly killed in New Zealand

The family of the Australian hunter who was killed in a fall down a steep ravine near Fox Glacier on Wednesday say they are glad he died doing something he loved [in New Zealand, and not in NSW.]

The body of Tony Campbell, 66, said to be an  experienced hunter, from New South Wales, was found by his son with whom he had been hunting in the Westland Ranges, south of Karangarua, said a report.


Myrtle rust update – Friday 2 June 2017

“There are 34 confirmed properties with myrtle rust infection – 29 of these are in Taranaki with 3 in Northland and 2 in Waikato (King Country),” MPI said.

While most of the infections have been found on young seedlings, there are instances of the rust appearing in large established trees at a number of locations.

The spread of this fungal plant disease could have serious impacts on a range of plants in the myrtle family including pōhutukawa, mānuka, ramarama, feijoa and eucalypts, MPI said.


Work Un-Safe New Zealand

Playing “New Zealand Roulette” on fishing boats

WTF: A Neilsen survey commissioned by Maritime New Zealand and WorkSafe found nearly a third (28 percent) of crew members on commercial fishing vessels have suffered a significant injury while a further one in four (26 percent) have experienced a near-miss, said a report.

“Since 2010, 25 crew members have died and the families of nine of those lost at sea did not have the comfort of bringing a body home.

“The Accident Compensation Corporation has had an average 966 active commercial fishing claims over the past five years and in 2016 it received 633 new claims…”

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