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How was the [d]uckface Kuwaiti sand [d]igger allowed to return to NZ?

Posted by te2ataria on October 29, 2017

WARNING: SEVERE Negative Karmic Events Occurring Throughout NZ! ARE YOU READY?


sent by a reader in Sewage City [aka, “Wellington”] edited by a moderator, strong language removed.

Which corrupt element(s) in the NZ government allowed this “rapist” to return?

The disgraced Kuwaiti ambassador, [d]uckface Ahmed Bader Razouqi, was accused of assaulting a woman in central Wellington in November 2015.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) alleged that they asked Kuwait to waive the sand [d]igger’s diplomatic immunity, so he could be charged, but the request was denied.

However, the [frigging] MFAT then allowed the “rapist” to return to New Zealand in April 2016, still protected by diplomatic immunity, to wrap us his sick affairs and hold a  farewell.

The smiling [d]uckface, Ahmed Bader Razouqi, the former sand [d]iggers ambassador, is accused of seriously assaulting a woman in central Wellington in Nov. 2015. Photo: NZ govt.

So, If you’re an American billionaire, a frigging Kuwaiti diplomat, a local cop… you can get away with murder in this country.

“The ministry said when granting permission for Mr Razouqi to return it was clear on what was expected – the diplomat was not to conduct any official business or hold any formal farewell functions.”

Needless to say, the sand [d]igger had consented while shaking, and wetting his “sarwal” in fear!!



Time to Relocate the Entire Country?

 Only $300m to move tiny Franz Josef
Moving the Franz Josef township, home to just 330 people [221 ratepayers,] which sits on the Alpine Fault and next to the flood-prone Waiho River, would cost $300 million, according to a report commissioned by the West Coast Regional Council.

What is really worrying, however, is the near-impossible task of moving the main population centers out of serious harm’s way. Where would you move the populations of NZ’s top 20 most dangerous places? That’s the 4.73 million or so people [98% of the population,] who live in Auckland, Blenheim, Christchurch, Dunedin, Etham, Feilding, Gisborne, Hamilton, Invercargill, Kapiti, Napier-Hastings, Nelson, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Rotorua, Taupo, Tauranga,Wellington, Whanganui and Whangarei?

Murder Mystery?

Update – Body found in search for missing Waihi man
Saturday, 28 October 2017 – 1:44pm – Waikato – “While undertaking a search of farmland in the Waihi area this morning, Search and Rescue personnel have located a body. While formal identification is yet to take place, Police believe it is 46-year-old Grant Ridley who has been missing for two weeks.” http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/update-body-found-search-missing-waihi-man
[Cause of death unknown/not reveled by police. Moderator]

FAKE Freedom of Information – NO Information!

DOCTORED Road Toll and Statistical RESURRECTIONS

Police Road Fatality Reports: Extreme censorship is in effect for tourism and commercial reasons. Of those fatalities reported by police, many are statistically resurrected by the Ministry of Transport (MoT).
Only two fatal crash reports allowed by police since Friday, despite at least 37 serious crashes reported locally.

Fatal crash on Great North Rd, Western Springs
Sunday, 29 October 2017 – 2:27pm – Auckland City – A motorcyclist was killed in a crash on Great North Road, Western Springs, near the St Lukes Road off-ram in Auckland at approximately 1:20pm. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/fatal-crash-great-north-rd-western-springs

Fatal crash SH29, Lower Kaimai [Bay of Plenty of Deaths]
One person was killed and two others seriously injured in a fatal crash on State Highway 29, Lower Kaimai, Saturday night. “Police were called just before 11:00pm to the two car collision between McLaren Falls Road and Onanawa Road.” http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/fatal-crash-great-north-rd-western-springs

Two injured after car plunges off cliff and into river
Two people were injured after a car went over a cliff and into a river near the South Taranaki town of Waitotara. The incident happened at about 4.20am, according to a report.
We understand that the female passenger who sustained critical injuries has since passed away [not yet confirmed by police.]

[Polish?] woman victim of fatal motorcycle crash
Mother-of-two Halina Adamiak, 47, was killed at the scene of the crash on State Highway 41 on Labour Weekend, police said.


  • No. of known STATISTICAL RESURRECTIONS performed by MoT on Oct. 24, 2017 : at least THREE.
  • No. of known MoT resurrections on Oct. 17, 2017 : at least TWO
  • No. known MoT resurrections on Oct. 13, 2017 : at least ONE
  • No. of known MoT resurrections on Oct. 2, 2017 : at least ONE
  • No. of known STATISTICAL RESURRECTIONS performed by MoT on Sept. 26, 2017 : at least ONE
  • On Monday, August 28, police reported at least THREE road fatalities. All three victims seem to have been statistically resurrected by the Ministry of Truth (Minitru).
  • At least FIVE, possibly as many as SEVEN, people were killed in serious crashes on Wednesday, August 23, according to a informed source, but only three fatalities were reported by police.
  • Both the actual number of road fatalities and cases of statistical resurrections performed by the Ministry of Transport (MoT) over the September 22-24 weekend remain UNKNOWN.
  • Between September 18 and 21, 2017 at least SIX road fatality victims were resurrected by MOT.
  • At least nine road fatalities occurred over the weekend (September 1 – 2), according to reliable insider information. However, only four of the deaths were reported by police, and of those, just three were recorded by the Ministry of Transport.

Medical Miracle, or Malicious MENDACITY?

Of an estimated 2,400 people who have received near-fatal, critical, or serious injuries on New Zealand roads so far this year, less than a handful have perished from their injuries, according to NZ police reports, or lack thereof.

Welcome to the World’s Deadliest Tourist Destination – Truth about NZ Deadly Roads, as We Know it:

  • Based on insider information, statistical models and local news, we believe about 900 people were killed and more than 8,000 others seriously/critically injured on NZ suicide roads in 2016; however, only 328 fatalities were reported last year. [For every 12 or so victims, who die later in a hospital, only one death is reported. See blog content.]
  • To protect the tourist industry and massive foreign investment, about two out of every three road fatalities go unreported, or the dead are statistically resurrected by NZ government.

Tourist Road Fatalities in NZ a State Secret

In a country where everything is fake, false, deceptive… even signposts are misleading!

Scottish tourist discovers famous signpost in Bluff is wrong

Driving in New Zealand

DUI in New Zealand

Heavily intoxicated teen caused Little Valley Road crash
A heavily intoxicated, unlicensed 15-year-old caused a motor vehicle crash on Saturday evening. “Emergency services were called a single vehicle crash on Little Valley Road in Alexandra just after 7pm. A people mover vehicle with four people inside had rolled and debris was across the road. All four people in the car, including the parent of the driver, were intoxicated. The driver was so heavily intoxicated he had difficulty standing.”

NZ Roads are Death-Traps: Finally agreeing with what we’ve been saying for years?

Our roads are death-traps, says safety campaigner
“Many of New Zealand’s roads are like a staircase without a handrail: you make a mistake, you’re going to get hurt. Upgrading these deadly roads should be the single highest priority in lowering the road toll.”

Most Kiwi drivers have no confidence in other motorists’ ability: Survey

70 per cent of Kiwi drivers have no confidence in other motorists
“More than 70 per cent of Kiwi drivers have no confidence in the ability of other motorists, while more than a third feel unsafe on our roads. A survey by the Automobile Association Driving School, which had almost 3000 responses, also found 85 per cent of people had witnessed other motorists breaking the speed limit, while 64 per cent had seen drivers drift out of a lane, and 63 per cent had seen someone run a red light.”

‘New Zealand drivers are pretty much the worst in the Western world’

I, too, was a teen drunk driver!
“I’ve gotta’ say, in the Western world, New Zealand drivers are pretty much the worst I’ve ever seen. I’ve been one of them. I know,” says Rachel Stewart. “Confession time. As a teen up until about 25, I drove like an escaped prisoner. I drove fast, arrogantly, imbibed alcohol, and lived rurally. Let’s just say, I’m lucky to be earthbound today and not to have taken anyone with me.”

Official Corruption

“The Instant Kiwi”

Did you know Peter Thiel screwed the NZ taxpayers out of tens of millions of dollars, while sodomizing corrupt NZ government ministers, and got a preferential citizenship, too?

“The Instant Kiwi” even forced the corrupt NZ government to have details of his immigration application redacted.

The Department of Internal Affairs allowed billionaire Peter Thiel to redact key information from his citizenship file, a decision later criticised by the Ombudsman who said the saga attracted ‘public disquiet.’”


White supremacist establishment

“We have a white supremacist establishment that shame even Donald Trump, spend billions on an incompetent and unnecessary military, and let a brutal police force run the country [and commit murder] with absolute impunity, but have no clean water [and go blind while waiting for eye care, or die within hours of being released from hospital] in New Zealand…” — A Reader

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