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Censorship is what police does best!

Posted by te2ataria on March 24, 2018

Foreword: Seriously ill? Suffering from cholesterol increase, uric acid increase, thyroid disease, testicular and kidney cancer, pregnancy induced hypertension, diabetes [and associated eye diseases,] birth weight decrease, or even worse? You may have been poisoned by NZ Defence Force. [See bottom of page!]

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ONLY one road fatality in four days????

Censorship, disinformation, cooking stats, rigging data… shooting unarmed people, chasing teens to their certain death… that’s what police farce does best!

[Pigs fly in “creative” New Zealand!  She’s the “third most creative country in the world.”]

Proudly killed to NZ!

Fatal crash in Kawerau
Saturday, 24 March 2018 – 11:12am [Bay of Plenty of Deaths]
Kawerau Road West/State Highway 34 in the Bay of Plenty [of Deaths] is closed following a fatal crash, police said.
One person was violently killed, and another sustained injuries.

Name release – Selwyn Rd Fatal Crash
Friday, 23 March 2018 – 10:55am – Canterbury
The motorcyclist who was killed in a crash on Selwyn Road, Rolleston, on Tuesday 20 March was was Albert de Bruin [nationality undisclosed,] aged 22, who lived in Rolleston.

Operation: RESURRECT – giving the road fatality victims a second chance!!

Police have reported only about 46% of road fatalities so far this year

Our advanced statistical models show police have reported only about 46% of road fatalities that have occurred in NZ so far this year. That’s only 116 fatalities out of 253 (margin of error: ±3 percent).

  • Additionally, only about three dozens or so of hundreds of critical injuries sustained by motorists on our suicide roads have been reported since January.

The Ministry of Resurrection have statistically resurrected at least 20 victims of the reported fatalities, lowering the fake official death toll to just 96, as of Friday morning. [Pigs fly in “creative” New Zealand!  She’s the “third most creative country in the world.”

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Adventure sports in NZ synonymous with fatal endings

A single rafting event not ending in a tragedy?

Fatal rafting incident near Toilet Rapids
Friday, 23 March 2018 – 3:39pm – Southern
“A guide has died following a commercial rafting incident on the Shotover River near Queenstown. A raft overturned in the river near Toilet Rapids this morning. There were five other people in the raft at the time and they were uninjured.”

Moana-Roa ‘Chief’ Haare, 62, was killed after his boat overturned in the so-called  ‘Toilet Rapid.’

Diver Killed in Doubtful Sound
A diver found unresponsive at Bauza Island in the Doubtful Sound early this afternoon has died, police said.

Body found on banks of Ashley River, Canterbury
“Search and Rescue teams have located a body on the banks of the Ashley River this afternoon. The body was discovered around 4pm,” police said.

MSM have speculated that the body might be that of missing young woman Emma Beattie, 20, who was last seen about 4 months ago on December 1, 2017.

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The bodies in NZ found mainly on the plane

Yet another missing person found dead in “Valhalla”

Missing Auckland man found deceased
Friday, 23 March 2018 – 7:55am  –  Waitemata
“Police searching for missing Auckland man David Benney located his body last night in the Waitakere Ranges.
His death is not being treated as suspicious and the matter has been referred to the Coroner.”
[The thin line between death and murder is often crossed by the thick blue line. Moderator N.]

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If you’re seriously ill, you may have been poisoned by the government!

Toxic foam [most definitely] tainted drinking water

Is there a single branch/agency of government that doesn’t harm us?  The authorities have finally admitted toxic firefighting foam, which contains PFAS class of chemicals that are highly soluble in water and are linked to cancer and other illnesses, “may have made its way into drinking water near Whenuapai in Auckland,” a report said.

[Human Health Effects associated with PFAS in general population and DW contaminated sites include Cholesterol increase, Uric Acid increase, Thyroid disease, Testicular and Kidney cancer, Pregnancy induced hypertension, Diabetes, Birth weight decrease, and much, much more…]

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Top Ten Pathetic Statements Made by a NZ Official

Just heard about this, you old cow?

‘Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias [having temporarily removed her head from her tushi] rebukes judges after revelations of widespread bullying’

[And since when ignorance was a defence?]

“Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias [has removed her head from her tushi and] made the comment following a survey carried out by the Criminal Bar Association on bullying. It revealed 90 per cent of criminal lawyers who responded have experienced or witnessed bullying in the last four years.  In close to 65 per cent of cases the person doing the harassing or bullying was a judge.”

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What headlines REALLY mean in failed NZ

Posted by te2ataria on March 24, 2018

Foreword: Seriously ill? Suffering from cholesterol increase, uric acid increase, thyroid disease, testicular and kidney cancer, pregnancy induced hypertension, diabetes [and associated eye diseases,] birth weight decrease, or even worse? You may have been poisoned by NZ Defence Force. [See bottom of page!]

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‘Buttline’ news from a failed country

War on drugs has failed – Helen Clark
The fact is drug trade is too lucrative for too many powerful people and our senior politicians, myself included, to wage a real war on!
[What are the chance of auditing Helen Clark’s tax returns for the past 37 years?]

Hospital rot: Health Minister demands answers
Four big Middlemore Hospital buildings that serve thousands of South Auckland people are full of rot and dangerous mould that could make staff and patients sick.”
“Documents released to RNZ show the DHB first knew about the leaky Scott Building in 2012, and serious failures in the Kidz First hospital, the McIndoe buildings, and at the Manukau Superclinic were confirmed over the next two years.”
How dare you leak  sensitive news like this??

Nigel Murray’s spending ‘an affront’ to New Zealanders
If shoving the Bitch on Heat in Beehive down our throats wasn’t ‘an affront’…

‘I wish I never met Nigel Murray’ – former DHB chair
Every mother-fucking senior official in the failed country is corrupt!  In reality, I know it makes absolutely no difference to the average zombie. It’s been like this for a long time!

Obama-generated publicity for NZ: ‘A real coup’
Former United States president Barack Obama’s visit to Northland has given the region publicity that money just can’t buy, a tourism leader says.
Bullshit! His stench would be difficult to remove.

What price can you put on Obama’s NZ visit?
Barack Obama’s three-day visit to New Zealand was touted as a chance to showcase this country on the world stage, but has anyone outside of NZ noticed he’s here?
Golden showers available at exclusive NZ clubs, where “Chancey” stayed. Non-members welcome! Minimum charges apply!

Former US President Barack Obama’s third and final day in New Zealand
Good riddance you ugly c*nt!

Jones’ Air NZ comments ‘a step too far’ – PM

What did Barack Obama and Air NZ guests eat
Try, what’s brown, steaming and manna to flies!

Dam might fail at any time, warns Civil Defence
If only the frigging government followed suit!

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