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Another example of how NZ police disinformation machine operates

Posted by edmundironside on April 8, 2018

Foreword: Escaped murder in the hands of police, but are seriously ill? Suffering from cholesterol increase, uric acid increase, thyroid disease, testicular and kidney cancer, pregnancy induced hypertension, diabetes [and associated eye diseases,] birth weight decrease, or even worse? You may have been poisoned by NZ Defence Force!

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‘Christchurch woman found’ —police


Which one of a dozen or so women who were reported [or not] missing is being referred to by the perfidious police?

  • What’s her name?
  • When was she reported missing?
  • How can it be independently verified that she is a real person instead of being one of the  fictitious characters used by police?
  • What happened to the other 14 or so people who have been reported missing in the past few weeks?

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And then, there was this crap for police work…

Was it Murder or “Sudden Death”?

First, police tried to hide the murder and misreport it as “sudden death,” e.g., a heart attack. However, something seem to have gone wrong…

“Police ‘combing the street’ after sudden death in Christchurch suburb”

Police were alerted to a “sudden death” at 11.40am on Saturday, at a house on Exeter St, near North Hagley Park.

Definition of Sudden Death

sud·den death   Avoid the nonsense phrase recurrent sudden death.

death occurring rapidly and generally unexpectedly; usually from a cardiac dysrhythmia or myocardial infarction, but also from any cause of rapid death, for example, pulmonary embolus, stroke, ruptured aortic aneurysm, aortic dissection.

But someone let the cat out of the bag and everyone in the police [with their 18-year-old fuck-boys suddenly knew it was a murder…

Man charged with murder following Merivale death

Please attribute to Detective Inspector Darryl Sweeney [Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street,] Canterbury CIB:

Canterbury Police have arrested a 54-year-old man for murder and aggravated burglary after a 27-year-old woman was found dead in her Exeter Street, Merivale home around 11:40am yesterday morning.

Police moved swiftly to locate the man, who will appear in Christchurch District Court on Monday 9 April.

Of course, none of the above makes one little bit of difference to the fuckwit zombies!

Presumed Corollary?

  1. The woman who was raped during a home invasion in Hamilton should consider herself “lucky” that she didn’t join the “sudden death” list.
  2. If you live in Hamilton, abandon your home for a secure location.

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