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Stormy Daniels, Jandles Ardern or Hilary Clingon?

Posted by te2ataria on May 6, 2018

Shocking number of pregnant women cannot remember whom they slept with: NZ Gynaecologist

Dr Albert Makary, who has been in Timaru for 20 years, called on national leaders, sports stars, schools and the media at a Forum on the Family in Auckland yesterday to “stigmatise” both promiscuity and the binge drinking that usually preceded it.

Condom-maker’s data may be underestimated

Previously, a survey by a condom maker had revealed that New Zealand women were the most promiscuous in the world, with 20.3 sexual partners on average, with the world average being 7.3.

NZ male rabbits are a little less promiscuous than their female, averaging 16.8 sexual partners [male global average of 13.2.]

Sent by a reader

Who’s gonna be a role model for oversexed Kiwi women?

Hillary Clinton has been hailed as a role model and an inspiration to New Zealand women. However, it’s difficult to see how she could change NZ’s culture of promiscuity.

Sexual warriors and promiscuous “politicians” like Stormy Daniels and Jandles Ardern have long left their inedible marks on Kiwi woman.

According to a “leading business woman,” who probably wears a strap-on to work every morning to feel formidable, “Clinton is an important role model, proving that women can be powerful, stoic and even formidable.”

Another leading woman said: “A lot of women fight venomous, misogynist-beyond-sexist comments from people who don’t want to see women in leadership positions.”

The problem is female Kiwi “politicians” too often hide behind the shield of ” venomous, misogynist-beyond-sexist comments.”

In no other country would the voters tolerate female politicians like Jandles Ardern, Lianne Dalziel, Judith Collins…

Clinton is here to promote her book What Happened, which seeks to explain her loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 US elections. She gives an appearance in Auckland on Monday with the outrageously priced tickets ranging from $195 for an upper-level seat to $495 for a floor seat.  [Makes you wonder if your money is best spend  making a contribution to Stormy’s  lifestyle.]

Clinton was seen shopping at a Parnell baby store, presumably a gift for Jandles’ unborn, who would technically be a “bastard” upon birth.

Today’s Self Immolations, Murders, Unsuspecious Homicides, Road Kills… [reported cases only]

UPDATE: Death in Dunedin
Sunday, 6 May 2018 – Southern
A man was killed by fire on King Edward Street this morning. He was seen on fire [self immolation?] in the carpark of a church, regardless, police have quickly established the death was not suspicious [it saves lots of time and inconvenience, that way] and will be referred to the Coroner.

Fatal crash Doyleston, Selwyn
Sunday, 6 May 2018 – Canterbury
“A woman has died following a crash involving two cars in Doyleston yesterday morning (Saturday 5 May). The 44-year-old local woman died in Christchurch Hospital late last night.”

Body recovered from Waikato River
Saturday, 5 May 2018 – Waikato
“Police searching the Waikato River for a missing 36-year-old man have recovered a body. The body was located about 10.30am today.”

Fatal crash in Bay of Plenty
Friday, 4 May 2018 – [Bay of Plenty of Deaths]
“Police are at the scene of a fatal crash in Western Bay of Plenty. The two-vehicle collision occurred on State Highway 2, between Te Puna Station Road and Te Mete Road, about 7.15pm. One person has died at the scene and another has been taken to hospital.”

Man reacts to police brutality?

Te Aroha incident
“A 54-year-old man has been charged in relation to the incidents in Te Aroha and at Morrinsville Police station overnight. The man has been charged with unlawful conversion of a motor vehicle, failing to stop for Police, resisting Police, intentional damage, assault with a weapon, reckless driving and attempted arson of the vehicle.”
“The front doors of the Morrinsville Police Station are being repaired, and local police are contactable as usual.”

One Response to “Stormy Daniels, Jandles Ardern or Hilary Clingon?”

  1. Paul said

    [Moderator’s Warning: The following links are porn sites and therefore unsuitable for underaged readers.]

    The woman in the links looks awfully like your Prime Sheila.

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