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Chastity Jacinda hauling her putrid fanny to Nuru at a cost of $80,000 on fuel alone!

Posted by te2ataria on September 3, 2018

Sent by an angry reader in Sewage City [aka, “Wellington”]

“I anal–ysed all of my option, [screwing the taxpayers hard feels best!]” 

“I spent quite a lot of time deliberating over whether or not I would attend the Pacific Islands Forum in Nauru. I analysed all of my options,” Ardern told reporters.

Ardern is flying an Air Force Boeing 757 to the Pacific Islands Forum on the island for one day, a report said.

“Ardern made a decision that she would fly to Nauru early on Wednesday, necessitating the return of the 757 to New Zealand to pick her up instead of flying one hour on to the Marshall Islands to await the return flight on Wednesday.”

Anal Ardern already knew that Labour MP David Shearer had previously asserted: “Being flown around in your own aircraft is a ‘nice to have’ but in these tough times the cost to taxpayers is vastly more than a commercial flight.”

[The bitch considers herself royalty. We’ve been warning you about her character flaws.]


One Response to “Chastity Jacinda hauling her putrid fanny to Nuru at a cost of $80,000 on fuel alone!”

  1. Facinda Jockforce said

    Government ministers spend $1.5m on travel in three months

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